NAHBS via Padraig at Red Kite Prayer & Some Tandems

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) was held in nearby Charlotte, North Carolina and it was my sincere hope that we’d be attending.  Sadly, it fell on a weekend where we already had travel plans that would put us in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I’ve asked a friend and tandem enthusiast who attended NAHBS  to pen his observations about tandems in an article for the Tandem Club of America’s website, which he is doing.   So, I while I’ve seen some short videos and photos of a few of the tandems and personalities that made appearances at NAHBS, I haven’t really done a lot of web surfing… with one exception: Patrick Brady’s (aka, Padraig) photo collection and accompanying narratives on the award winners, noting that Padraig was one of the judges.  Here is a set of links to the six installments; well worth a look & read:

NAHBS 14, Part I: Best TIG Weld, Layup & Fillet
NAHBS 14, Part II: Best Track, Tandem, Mountain & Cyclocross
NAHBS 14, Part III: Best City, Finish, Experimental & Theme
NAHBS 14, Part IV: President’s Award, People’s Choice & Best of Show
NAHBS 14, Part V: Honorable Mentions & Judging
NAHBS 14, Part VI-1: Best New Builder
NAHBS 14, Part VI-2: A Few More Special Mentions

NAHBS 14, Part VII: Padraig’s Photo Dump

Since this is a tandem blog, here are a couple bones. The first is Padraig’s narrative about Co-Motion’s Best Tandem of Show from a very short YouTube Video:

Here are a couple of still shots of the tandems at the show:


Co-Motion’s Bosch Electric Assist, One-Off & Best Tandem of Show


Bilenky Titanium Travel Tandem… Several Years In The Making. I’m thinking this was runner-up to the Co-Motion and would have otherwise been the show-winner.


Santana “Smooth” with Rohloff & BionX Electric Assist

Gallery: Velo's best of NAHBS awards for 2014

Calfee tandem that converts to a solo road bike; one of two at the show.

Gallery: Velo's best of NAHBS awards for 2014

Calfee tandem that converts to a solo road bike; this one in single bike configuration.


The University of Iowa’s Hand Built Bicycle Program Titanium Tandem 36er

NAHBS 2014.1

Sojourner Wooden Tandem


Kent Eriksen Titanium 29er


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  1. says:

    Thanks, enjoyed the show tour.

    Buff Chace SeaTac, WA

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