Preventative Maintenance Article Now Up At TCA’s Website / Blog

TCA BlogAfter about a week of hacking away on the laptop, what has become a five-part article on the annual tandem tune-up is finally published over at the TCA’s new Website / Blog.

You can go directly to the blog using this link:

I published the articles in reverse order so that they “appear” in the blog listing sequentially; weird…  I know.  But, that’s how blogs publish things so that was my attempt at keeping all five parts in the correct order from a reader’s perspective.

The TCA is still a bit odd in terms of the layout and how the blog works.  I have not yet found a way to “subscribe” to the site or blog such that I get an Email prompt when something gets posted.  The “Free” WordPress sites all have this feature and it’s great… it’s what you want both as a publisher and as a follower.

Hopefully that will get sorted out by the Web gurus, as it will likely be the difference between success and failure of the blog as a replacement for the print version of DoubleTalk.  After all, if you’re not getting Doubletalk in the mailbox at the end of your driveway anymore, the expectation is that you’ll be getting it (or at least individual articles) being delivered to your Email – Mailbox “real time”.  That’s the beauty of electronic publishing!!

Anyway, like I said… if you’re looking to kill some time reading about tandem maintenance to get you excited about the upcoming, warmer weather there’s at least that much content in the five-part article.


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