The Outspoken Cyclist: Interested In Being A Guest? + More Favorites

DianeLeesSince first coming to my attention back in the 4th quarter of 2010, I’ve made mention of long-time friend Diane Lees and the PBS show she produces and hosts at WJCU in Cleveland, the Outspoken Cyclist.  In fact, here’s a compendium / links list to those mentions which are rich with additional links to some great interviews / shows that caught my attention in the past:

Diane Lees: The Outspoken Cyclist, Nov 10, 2010
The Outspoken Cyclist: My Favorite Interviews…, Feb 12, 2011
Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Straight Talk On Fitness, Exercise & Nutrition, Mar 27, 2011
TG Does The O.C., Apr 1, 2011
The Outspoken Cyclist: More Favorite Interviews…, Jul 31, 2011
The Outspoken Cyclist: That Great Intro Music & More Favorite Interviews…, Dec 17, 2011

Diane’s program airs every Saturday evening from 5:30pm – 6:30pm on WJCU and you can download shows after the fact from the WJCU – Outspoken Cyclist webpage or at the iTunes Store.  There’s also an Outspoken Cyclist blog, which is where the collection of “my favorite interviews” from 2012 & 2013 is hosted, so that gives you three outlets.  Of course, your best bet is to subscribe to the podcast so they land in your media player each week the way I do!

Shameless Plug: I must confess that I think about Diane every time I swing a leg over a road bike, as I’m reminded of her “real job” at Hubbub Cycles by my Hubbub Mirror.  Dorky or not, I’m eternally grateful that Hubbub took the old Chuck Harris mirror to the next level and gave “civilian cyclists” a great mirror that’s actually worth wearing: I really like this mirror. My comments from Our Hubbub Mirrors… 8-Week Update still stand and they’re worth every penny of the $29 because the darn thing’s work and hold-up!

Anyway, with all of that background let me get to the two primary reasons that I have opened up yet another blog entry on the Outspoken Cyclist: To solicit movers, shakers and luminaries from the tandem cycling community to consider being guests on the Outspoken Cyclist and to bridge the gap — so to speak — since I published my last list of “favorite interviews” in December 2011.

Interested in Being a Guest?

It’s a rather painless process.  Diane will schedule a telephone interview with you that will last about 30-40 minutes and you just “chat”. She may need some background information if she doesn’t already know of the guest, but that’s about it.  When the call comes in, she’ll ask some probing questions to gather content for the interview, which will be edited down into a final segment that is aired as part of her Saturday afternoon show.

There have only been a few ‘hard core’ tandem folks featured in Diane’s interviews and I know there are a lot of folks in the tandem community who I’d love to see featured in interviews so that “their stories” can be captured.  In fact, if I was ever to write a book on tandem cycling in these United States this is just a very partial list of the folks (in no particular order) who I’d include on my research list and who would likely warrant an entry in the tandem cycling hall of fame; again this is just an off-the-cuff list and their place in history isn’t truly captured by the reference provided so please don’t feel slighted by omission:

Bill & Jan McCready, Santana Cycles & Tours; Glenn & Nancy Erikson, R&E Cyclery, Erickson Cycles & R&E Cyclery; Angel Rodriguez, Rodriguez Cycles, R&E Cyclery and “after R&E”; Dennis Bushnell, Master Frame Builder & Innovator; Dan Towle, Owner of R&E Cycles; Dwan Shepard & Dan Vrijmoet, Co-owners of Co-Motion Cycles; Greg Shepherd, Publisher of the former Tandem & Family Cycling Magazine; Henry Able,; Malcolm Boyd & Jack Goertz, Tandem Club of America “then and now”; Sherwood Gibson, Ventana & full-suspension tandems; John Schubert, author of “The Tandem Scoop”; Rob Templin & Pete Penseyres, tandem racing, RAAM, touring & the Burley Co-op; Lori Miller, US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection; Roger Strauss & Eve Kofsky, Co-Directors of the Georgia Tandem Rally; Alex Nutt, MTB Tandems & AORTA; Brian & Karen Managan, founders of the Fall Allegany Rally for Tandems; Mel & Barbara Kornbluh, tandem technology, parts sourcing & branding; Jed Kornbluh, on being raised on the back of a tandem & amazing parents; Larry & Linda Black, “Tandem Matchmakers”; Rodney Moseman, master frame builder; Ruth Husky, memories of Bob Husky & life on the tandem; Jan Heine, classic french tandems, PBP & Bicycle Quarterly; Steve Smilanick, inventor of the S&S couplings that transformed tandem travel; Tom Shaddox, enthusiast, writer & humorist; Wade & Cathy Blomgren, Tandem@Hobbes; Peter Jon White, tandem components & lighting; Pamela Blalock & John Bayley, tandem & cycling enthusiasts, par excellence; Todd & Sue Shusterman, daVinci Designs, Independent Coasting Systems & cycling together; Rudy & Kay Van Renterghem, a lifetime of tandem cycling… and then some.

Again, this is just a partial list of the folks who came immediately to mind that we’ve known since the 1990’s.  There are many more who we’ve come to know in more recent years that also warrant some attention.  But, it suffices to say, the tandem community is filled with some interesting characters with amazing credentials, personal histories and impressive accomplishments.

TG’s Favorite Interviews: 2012 – 2013

The interviews (with descriptions by sound engineer Greg Priddy) I’ve listed here are simply the ones that were of special interest to me, which is not to say the others weren’t uninteresting… as that’s not the case.  In fact, all of the interviews are interesting and informative but as I’ve said before, we all have our preferences.

So, that said, if you’re looking for something to listen to on your iPod or MP3 player while traveling or cutting the lawn, these might do the trick….

  • 01/25/2014 @ 5min: Sky Yeager – When we think of Detroit, we used to think about the manufacture of automobiles. It is the Motor City, after all. Today, Detroit usually brings to mind images of large-scale blight and municipal bankruptcy. However, Shinola, a small bike, watch and leather goods company is working to be part of Detroit’s rebirth in the post-Rust Belt era. A few weeks ago, we spoke with Ricard Schwinn, whose Wisconsin-based company is building Shinola’s frames. This week, we get to talk with the designer of Shinola bikes, Sky Yeager. Sky has a long history in the bike biz, including 17 years with Bianchi, and now she’s helping bring a new brand onto the scene.  Play in new window | Download
  • 12/28/2013 @ 36min: Patrick Brady, publisher of Red Kite Prayer. Patrick was recently awarded with a silver medal in the Lowell Thomas Travel Writing Competition, sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. Today, Patrick is here to talk about the impact of doping scandals on pro racing, equipment trends, charity rides, and what he has planned for 2014. Play in new window | Download
  • 12/21/2013 @ 5min: Richard Schwinn, great-grandson of Ignaz Schwinn, who founded the eponymous bicycle company. Richard is a frequent flyer on The Outspoken Cyclist, and we always look forward to his insights and opinions (of which there is no shortage). Richard of course, is the proprietor of Waterford and Gunnar, and has recently been busy making frames for a new bicycle company called Shinola (which bought the name from the now-defunct shoe polish company). Richard holds forth on this and many other topics, including the dubious benefit of disc brakes on road bikes. Play in new window | Download
  • 11/30/2013 @ 5min: Lennard Zinn, Technical Editor of VeloNews. Lennard was on the show back in April, and time ran out before the discussion turned to crank arm length, which is one of his unique specialties. This time around, we get the lowdown on how to determine optimal crank arm length (and why) as well as an update on disc brakes for road bikes, and a peek behind the scenes at his Technical FAQ column. Play in new window | Download
  • 05/18/2013 @ 6min: Grant Petersen – He eschews clipless pedals, he thinks handlebars should be level with the saddle, and he’s convinced that steel is the “realest” material you could use in building a bike frame. Some would call him a retro-grouch, but he’s actually the very friendly owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works. On this week’s Outspoken Cyclist, we’re treated to a conversation between Grant and Diane on a wide range of topics, including bicycles!  Play in new window | Download
  • 04/13/2013 @ 5min: Andy Hampsten “cracked the chest of European road racing and feasted on its heart.” Andy went on to win the Giro d’Italia, and a stage at the TdF, among other accomplishments. These days, he owns Hampsten Cycles with his brother Steve, and he combines his passion for Italian food, wine, and riding as proprietor of Cinghiale Tours. Andy checked in just before getting ready to head over to Italy for the Giro, and his own touring season. Play in new window | Download
  • 07/21/2012 @ 31min: Don Ferris – We know that framebuilders build bike frames, but who builds the tools that framebuilders use? One of the people who makes those tools and fixtures is Don Ferris of Anvil Bikeworks in Golden, Colorado. Besides being a helluva toolmaker, Don is a really interesting guy with a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way even I can understand. Play in new window | Download
  • 05/26/2012 @ 5min: Davis Phinney, one of America’s greatest and most successful bike racers. Davis is married to Connie Carpenter-Phinney, a successful racer in her own right, and their son Taylor is currently racing the Giro d’Italia. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 40, and has since formed the Davis Phinney Foundation to raise funds and awareness to help people with Parkinson’s live well today and every day. Davis has some great insights on his own experience with PD, as well as the subject of ‘cure vs. management’. Play in new window | Download
  • 04/14/2012 @ 5min: Bill Humphreys, aka “Bike Guy” has racing roots that go back to the Raleigh days in the early 1970′s, becoming a member of the first American team to race in Europe. Lately, he’s been working on something called The Jersey Project, a photo history book devoted to cycling jerseys from teams and clubs in Europe and the U.S. Neither cyclists like Bill, nor jerseys like the ones in his book are being made anymore! Be sure to check out Bill’s excellent blog Play in new window | Download
  • 03/24/2012 @ 4min: Rich Olken, whose roots in cycling go back to his late father Ben Olken, who was a pioneering bicycle dealer and importer of fine bicycles. To say that Rich has held leadership positions with the National Bicycle Dealers Association, Bikes Belong, and Hosteling International doesn’t really convey how deeply he and his family are woven into the fabric and history of cycling in America. To understand that, you’ll have to listen for yourself. Play in new window | Download
  • 03/24/2012 @ 31min: Bruce Gordon is the founder, owner, and resident curmudgeon of Bruce Gordon Cycles, where he makes (and sometimes even sells) extremely durable, gorgeous frames, racks, and other components. He’s also the Benevolent Co-Dictator for Life of SOPWAMTOS, whose website contributed to the 90 minutes I vaporized writing this post. Perfect browsing material while you’re listening to Bruce and Rich!  Play in new window | Download
  • 02/25/2012 @ 35min: Don Walker, the NAHBS founder and Chief Executive Everything of the handmade show (and owner of Don Walker Cycles) joins us from Louisville, Kentucky. Don had just finished loading the trailer for his road trip from Louisville to Sacramento, when we caught up with him. He shared some info about this year’s show, and a detailed, inside look at a very unique bike project Don will be exhibiting at the show. Play in new window | Download
  • 01/28/2012 @ 5min: Patrick Brady, editor and publisher of Red Kite Prayer, recently named the #1 bicycling blog by Outside magazine. Patrick is a veteran cyclist and cycling journalist who has been involved with such notable publications as Bicycle Guide and Asphalt. His ‘mind, body & machine’ approach to cycling news, along with additions of Charles Pelkey and John Wilcockson, and others have vaulted RKP to the top of the heap. Another reason Patrick deserves to be on top: his desire to be successful enough to pay his staff and contributors fairly. Play in new window | Download

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