Tandem vs. Single Bike Riding Position: Same or Different?

BTW, this is my 800th blog entry.  Not sure what that says about my use of free time.  

I was recently going through digital photos several older computers in an effort to collect and consolidate my images on one computer.  As you might expect, I stumbled on a a treasure trove of bicycle & tandem bike-related photos.

One series of pictures that I found were taken in response to a question that someone on a tandem discussion forum or Tandem@Hobbes asked about bike fitting and the need to set up tandems a bit differently from single bikes.  Mind you, we’re talking road bikes not off-road bikes.  I’m guessing this had to have been taken around February or March 2008, as the Calfee still had polished brake calipers and my Honda CBR1100 hadn’t yet been killed-off by a Ford Expedition.

I vaguely recalled hauling all of my road bikes out of the garage to do this series of photos which clearly demonstrated my personal philosophy on bike fit: one size fits all!  And, interestingly enough, each bike was “dialed-in” itself, without being forced to fit via the use of my Fitstik.  I’m just pretty consistent with respect to riding position preferences and it shows up in how I end up setting-up the touch points on my bicycles.

BTW, see if you can find the lynch pin in this particular “display” of our two road tandems and four of my single bikes, i.e., how’d he get all six bikes standing-up side-by-side?




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4 Responses to Tandem vs. Single Bike Riding Position: Same or Different?

  1. Marv B says:

    I see the lynch pin (but I won’t spoil it for others yet)….

  2. tdmrider says:

    i c 2!

    what kind of saddle you ride?

    • TG says:

      Good eye! Those helped to keep two of the bikes from rolling forward; however, they weren’t the lynch pin.

      Saddles are the discontinued Selle Italia TransAm ProLink model, which have elastomer “pads” at all three points where the support rails tie-in with the saddle.

      They have something that they call a ProLink, but it’s not the same saddle by a long stretch.

  3. Yup…it was easy to spot.

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