Tandem Event Updates: Sebring, SWTR, Tandems East Expo & GTR…

March 21 – 23 / Sebring Tandem Rally:  Date Change! The Sebring Tandem Rally hosted by the Florida Panthers will now be held on 21 – 23 March at the Chateau Elan Hotel & Conference Center in Sebring, Florida adjacent to the Sebring International Raceway.  This will come as great news to teams who were trying to decide between the Sebring Rally and the Alabama Tandem Weekend in Andalusia, Alabama where both were originally scheduled for 4-6 April.  More information available at the Florida Panthers Website: http://floridatandemclub.org/events/event/sebring-2014/

March 22 & 23 / Tandems East Expo:  This year’s Tandems East Exposition will be held on 22 & 23 March in Pittsgrove, New Jersey.  As noted in my 2013 update, this is a great way for folks who are interested in learning more about tandems and doing some side-by-side comparisons of the various tandem offerings from Co-Motion, daVinci, Hokitika, Cannondale, Calfee, Seven and other builders with professional advice and instruction from the best in the business.  Tandem East will also be hosting a one-day tandem ride event in Elmer, New Jersey on Sunday, 4 May and their Annual Tandem Week in Hopewell Valley, New Jersey on 5 – 7 September.  As always, more information available at their Website: www.tandemseast.com/events/tandem_expo_2014.html

May 2-4 / SWTR at Little Rock, Arkansas: Registration opens in 6 days for the 2014 Southwest Tandem Rally being held in Little Rock, Arkansas a bit later in the year than most SWTRs.  I’d offer up some insights to the event, but I wouldn’t do the Website justice: it’s really a rather impressive-sounding event that the hosts have described and well worth a read: http://SWTR2014.com/home.html

May 29 – June 1 / GTR at Athens, Georgia & Registration Information: The GTR Hall of Fame folks, i.e., team who’ve attended a lot of GTRs, will receive their registration info on 17 January and have until 31 January to firm-up their plans and enjoy that special, preferential treatment. General registration for other past GTR participants will open up with registration info being Emailed out on 1 February. After all past attendees have had their shot at firming up their registrations, NEW TEAMs will finally get their shot at securing a place at the 2014 GTR in Athens, Georgia starting at 9:00AM Eastern Standard Time on 16 February when the electronic Email lottery address gets posted to the GTR Website.   More information is available at the GTR Website:  http://www.georgiatandemrally.com


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