The Only Thing Missing From The Weekend Was a Tandem Ride….

It was a pretty good weekend, all things considered.


Friday was a busy day for me, as I had a lot of home-banking to do, a trip to the DMV to make and a hodge-podge of small “fixes” to attend to at the house before it was time to meet up with Miss Debbie for our every-other Friday lunch date at The Red Eyed Mule.

tiesAfter lunch I had to do some clothes shopping (ugg) and then hurried home to meet up with my bud David for a short motorcycle ride.  More honey-do’s in the afternoon before it was time for my sweetie to come home, followed by our weekly visit to On the Border for “Finally a Friday”.  A full day, to be sure.

Saturday got off to a pretty good start, once again filled with a number of honey-do’s.  Debbie was all-in with cleaning the upstairs while I did my thing out in the garage:  Job #1 was serving the grimy drive train on our Calfee which I covered in detail in a separate blog entry.

Dinner was at Loco Willy’s (where else) and after a short visit back to the house we decided to head over to a nearby pub around 10:00pm to catch our friend Vic’s band, Shyanne.  They place was packed, but we eventually found some seats next to two other couples when another larger group left.  As if often the case, my Harley-Davidson shirt served as an ice-breaker when Stacy asked, “So, what do you ride?” We had a great evening visiting with Stacy, his wife Julie and their son and his girlfriend, getting in some dancing and otherwise being in awe of the stadium-style 80’s rock show that Vic and his band mates put on.

locoSunday was also a fairly productive day, but also included a short ride on the Road King so Debbie could try-out her heated jacket and gloves.  After a morning filled with honey-dos we headed over to the men’s clothing store so I could pick up some tailoring and a few shirts & ties before headed home.  It was on the way home that Debbie said she’d like to ride over to Loco Willy’s for a late lunch out on the patio with Mattie and the rest of the Sunday, football regulars.

GerbingsThis would be her first time riding the motorcycle on a 40*F day and her first experience with a Gerbings heated jacket and gloves + chaps and other cool weather gear.  After resolving a fuse issue, we were on our way and Debbie finally understood how I was able to ride my motorcycle to work year round, even on days when the temps were in the single digits: that heated stuff really worked!  So, she’s now good to go for fall and winter rides, which is awesome!

closetI spent the better part of the late afternoon and early evening re-arranging closets so that we could consolidate all of the motorcycle clothing in the back bedroom closet, freeing up all of the closet space in our guest room for, well, guests!  Mind you, we’re talking about 100s of pounds of gear so beefing up the closet’s clothing racks was part of the project.   We closed out the day with a late, light supper and Sunday night football.

However, the one huge disappointment remains an inability to find a day when the weather was both dry and warm enough for a tandem ride.   Saturday and Sunday were both a bit too cold in the AM for my sweetie and by the time noon rolled around each day it was hard to break stride for a ride.

As noted in an early blog entry, last weekend’s PEACHES ride was also a bust for us.  We’d planned to make a go of it if the temps were above 40 and the weather forecast remained dry.  Well, temps were OK but the threat of rain was a moot point: the low cloud cover created a virtual drizzle all across the Atlanta metro area. So, plan B was invoked and I headed to Savannah with a friend to look at a motorcycle he was thinking about buying.

I have no idea if there ever was a PEACHES ride.  It was an RSVP ride, so perhaps only the RSVP’rs were included on any real-time updates on Sunday to confirm the ride was On or Off.  Moreover, unless we attend a ride and I follow-up with a blog entry, there’s nary a whisper from any of the other attendees, that is unless the post-ride involves a beer tasting or food-cam worthy meal that ends up on Facebook.  Kinda hard to generate interest in rides vis-à-vis post-ride reports to the PEACHES members if none ever get posted.  But I digress…

We’re very much looking forward to adding some additional rides to our 2014 calendar, tandem or otherwise.  In some respects, now that the local collection of friends that used to be known as “The Usual Suspects”  has succumb to typical life changes such as kids, family demands, loss of interest or simply not enough time the original outlet for group cycling opportunities – the organized charity and Southern Bicycle League rides – are once again looking pretty attractive. Weather will always be an issue for these pay-to-play rides so that will be a factor, but aside from weather most of these events will always go-off as planned and have enough riders to make it interesting.

Speaking of 2014 and planning calendars, I picked up a 12-month planning calendar and plotted the various tandem rallies, motorcycle rallies and other significant events.  We’re now in the process of digesting that and seeing how Debbie’s vacation day allocations line up against non-weekend events.  It’s interesting to see what used to be two-day tandem weekends or three-day tandem rallies have all started to morph into extended affairs.   I think I bemoaned this in my STR report as well.  As 1099 slaves who put in 60-hour, Monday through Friday work weeks on a 6am to 6pm type of schedule, carving out a Friday as well as a Thursday can sometimes be a bit of a challenge when it comes to figuring out how to use vacation days that you didn’t have to use for tandem rallies in the past.  Perhaps once we reach retirement it won’t matter; still too far off to envision at this point.  So, in the interim, we’ll most likely be “late to the party” at the Alabama Tandem Weekend, Georgia Tandem Rally and Southern Tandem Rally; the three “pretty firm” tandem events on our planning calendar. We’ve also included the Mid Atlantic Tandem Enthusiasts (MATES) rally in June, Eastern Tandem Rally in July and a few others on the “if we can” list that we’re working.  There are, of course, a few motorcycle rallies that we need to include, as well as a couple weekend motorcycle trips and of course at least one visit to Key West!


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