The “New England Wicked Tandem Society, aka NEWTS”

Joe Marino wrote to let us know that a few weeks back a “new” tandem club was launched representing the greater New England area.  A copy of their “launch notice” is appended below. 

Since launching their club they’ve signed-up some 55 members for their mailing list, grown their Facebook page to 39 “friends” and collected orders for 55 club jerseys.  Sounds like a pretty good start. 

NEWTS has been established to fill the void that was left when New England’s legacy tandem club, the Tandem Bicyclists Of New England, aka, T-BONES, apparently ceased to be an active concern perhaps as far back as 2008.

Note, if you’re trying to find them on Facebook you’ll need to use the following URL; it’s presently a closed group: Same thing goes for YahooGroups; they’re pretty much a stealth group unless you request to be a member of the group.


Introducing: The New England Wicked Tandem Society

Dearest Tandem friends and family!

The NEWTS (The New England Wicked Tandem Society) is a group of tandem cyclists from the greater New England area who are dedicated to getting together, riding, socializing, and just plain having fun! Right now it is a loose group of friends but we want it to be more. It is simply our attempt to reinvigorate tandem riding in New England, and a replacement of T-Bones.

We do not charge a membership fee – in fact there’s no commitment to do anything to be a member! See below for options for staying connected so that you will automatically receive and be able to post rides/events in your area, and invite all your “newt” friends to join you!

Options for joining and staying in touch: One, we’ve created a YAHOO group to coordinate the email list. There are two steps.

A: send a blank (you don’t even need a subject line) email to:

B: follow the instructions to either join the group with a yahoo profile, OR just join the email list (it is your choice).

Once you’re connected, you can post rides or gatherings by sending a single email to: and that email will be distributed to the entire list. Simple.

The second option for staying in touch is the NEWTS Facebook group. To find it and join, type “NEWTS” in the FB search line and the group will pop up.

We already have a spectacular “club” jersey available for purchase, designed by one of our original NEWTS and friend, Kerry Loftus! Many of you have seen the amazingly beautiful graphic design work that Kerry has done for Eastern Tandem Rally jerseys in recent years. We’d love it if you’d order a jersey and wear it to our rides! We will be certain to turn heads. The jerseys are $76 each (plus upcharges for long sleeves and full zippers). Many folks are ordering the sleeveless AND a long-sleeved one to wear like a jacket. See the order form attached for the different options. Order deadline is a quickly approaching September 27, 2013.

Please join our newly formed NEWTS and experience all the fun and excitement of riding with other tandems in New England! We hope you will join us and participate in rides and gatherings. All are welcome whether in New England or not. Spread the word!



PS: Please email me directly to get a copy of the jersey order form or one can be found here:…der%20Form.pdf


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One Response to The “New England Wicked Tandem Society, aka NEWTS”

  1. Joseph Marino says:

    Thanks for highlighting the NEWTS. We are off to a good start and looking forward to getting through the upcoming Fall and Winter with an occasional NEWTS ride. We will start up regular rides in the Spring.

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