North American Tandem Cycling Association; An Invitation To Those In The Business

Disclaimer: I’m merely a conduit for this information; I have no interest or association with the organizers.

For readers who are in the tandem trade as manufacturers, builders or retailers and who will be attending or represented at Interbike on September 18th, please take note of the following invitation:


North American Tandem Cycling Association*

Encouraging people to discover and enjoy the experience of riding a Tandem Bicycle

Tandem industry representatives are invited to attend and participate in a brief organizing meeting of companies that could be interested in creating a trade association for the purpose of promoting Tandem Cycling on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 6:00PM in the daVinci Designs Interbike booth #13038.


  • Introduction to the idea of a trade association
  • Potential professional resources
  • Suggested membership
  • Project ideas
  • Funding

*In Formation


The concept of a potential North American Tandem Cycling Association is being socialized among several manufacturers and retailers associated with tandem bicycle riding.  The organization meeting scheduled at Interbike on September 18th at 6:00PM is intended to solicit feedback on just how much interest may exist to support a go-forward decision with the NATCA.

The stated purpose of the proposed association is to pool a portion of marketing resources from all companies engaged in tandem cycling to support a national effort to promote tandem riding. The target audience of this project will be people who are currently outside the existing tandem riding community.

With the hope of being as inclusive as possible, the organizers would anticipate membership categories for this trade association for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Tandem Clubs
  • Media
  • Individuals

Media targeted for advertising and feature articles related to tandem riding would include: Bicycling  –  Velo News  –  Bicycle Times  –  Dirt Rag  –  Mountain Bike  –  Momentum  –  Outside Magazine  –  Men’s Health  –  Women’s Fitness  –  AARP  –  People


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