The Tandem Club of America Wants To Hear From You!

If you’ve already heard about about the Tandem Club of America (TCA) Survey and are ready to let your voice be heard…

Survey PreviewIf you need a little more background and some encouragement before taking the survey, here’s the scoop…

A change of the guard is taking place with the Tandem Club of America’s volunteer staff and the club is looking for feedback from current TCA members as well as other members of the tandem community.

As a way of quickly and easily gathering that feedback, TCA’s staff created a short, 10-question, on-line survey that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.  The survey’s 10 questions cover a wide range of subjects from your riding history and habits to how the TCA can provide more value to both current and future members!

So, why is there a members survey and a non-members survey?  Both survey’s are nearly identical with the exception of Question #2 regarding TCA membership status; however, the TCA staff wanted to be able to reach out to TCA members as well as other tandem enthusiasts to get feedback.  The two different survey’s will allow the TCA staff to analyze feedback from the two different groups separately, as members will draw on their experience when answering questions about the value of TCA and Doubletalk services and features as well as content delivery, whereas non-members will most likely respond based on expectations or experiences with other clubs or publications.

Regardless of the source, the feedback from TCA’s  600+ members and others in the tandem cycling community will be of tremendous value to TCA’s staff as they identity where to invest time and energy plotting waypoints for a new roadmap that will enable the TCA to better-meet the needs and interests of American tandem cycling enthusiasts for the next 37 years!

Looked at another way, the TCA’s staff is basically going to clamp the beloved 1976 TCA club model into a work stand and begin a restoration project that will preserve all that is good about TCA, while giving it a new lease on life with newer technology and a look and feel that will be more familiar and inviting to current and future tandem enthusiasts.

So tell the TCA what you think and let your voice be heard, 


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