Nice Calfee Dragonfly with Zipp 808’s For Sale; Sweeet!!

Just posted today on Tandem@Hobbes, Team Morrison has put their 2009 Calfee Dragonfly tandem with Zipp 808 wheelset on the market.

dragonflyMore photos HERE.
Quick specs:

  • Calfee Dragonfly carbon frame (small/small) in Cabernet Translucent Tint,
  • Alpha Q X2 fork,
  • Gates Carbon Drive sync belt, brand new
  • Ultegra 10-speed (mech) shifters/FD/RD, Dura Ace brakes,
  • FSA SL-K cranksets,
  • Custom-built Zipp 808s with White Ind hubs (28h) 145mm rear spacing,
  • new Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX tires, AND
  • an extra Rolf Vigor Tandem wheelset.

Price:  $9,500

Team Morrison will be at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Dayton, Ohio this weekend if anyone wants to take a look.  If interested, don’t dawdle and send an Email off to:


As to why anyone would want to sell a Calfee Dragonfly that looks that nice and is that well equipped for $9,500…  it might have something to do with the custom Calfee TT Tandem that replaced it…  You can read more about this amazing Calfee Time Trial Tandem at our blog entry from February HERE.




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4 Responses to Nice Calfee Dragonfly with Zipp 808’s For Sale; Sweeet!!

  1. Kelly Milligan says:

    We have a very nice Calfee Tetra tandem we would like to sell. How do I contact you via e-mail? Hoping you would be so kind as to list it here on your blog site.

  2. Victor says:

    I am looking for a med/med Calfee. Any idea of the best place to look

    • TG says:

      You could check with the larger tandem dealers to see if they have clients that have upgraded and are looking to see their previous Calfee, e.g., Tandems East, House of Tandems, Tandem CycleWorks of Colorado, or Precision Tandems. Mike or Steve at Calfee might also know of a few. I don’t believe there are any up on ebay at the moment. There was a Medium/Small listed at Craigslist in San Francisco a week or so ago (use ‘ “calfee tandem”) that may or may not still be out there. There are also a number of tandem classified ad sites linked off our “Tandems” page at and has a classified ads page. The only caution on internet shopping is to make sure you’re confident you’re dealing with a real tandem owner (i.e., phone calls work better than email to “feel-out” someone to see if they’re legit) and consider having the seller take the tandem to local shop for an inspection or give you the name of the dealer they bought it from to do some verification checking. Higher-end tandems are a magnet for scams, especially when the deals look a little too good to be true.

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