Weekend Walkdown….

FRIDAY:  It was an off-Friday, but off friday’s are never quite 100% non-work days.  After doing some at home banking and account maintenance, I knocked out a couple of tasks from work and queued up a couple of others that I needed to submit around 1:00pm and then reclaimed my day-off for a few hours.

marblepeak2First stop was the Allatoona Mountain Bike trails for a shake-down loop on my refurbished ’97 Ventana Marble Peak with a new wheelset, new SRAM shifting, new Avid BB7 discs, new cranks and a new handlebar/stem and seat post that has given it a new lease on life.  The Marble Peak performed incredibly well.  Yeah, yeah… I know.  I’d talked about sunsetting the Ventana when I built up the Dean Scout; however, it seemed like a shame to put the Ventana out of service when it still had so much more to give!  And boy does it give!  Despite the age of the frame design, the vintage RockShox SID fork and a 4-year old frame shock, the rejuvenated bike simply rips on the trails.

I’d hoped to jump on the Dean Scout hardtail for a second loop and then realized it was already 11:00am, and I had a lunch date with my sweetie for noon at the Red Eyed Mule. So I quickly stashed the bike in the truck and make a hasty exit, so hasty that I left the front wheel sitting in the parking lot!  I realized my oversight about a mile down the road and quickly doubled back.  By the time I’d arrived another rider at the park had already propped the wheel up on the parking stop with a note that said, “Please leave this wheel standing up here” with his name and phone number. Man, talk about reaffirming your belief in the honest and integrity of folks who ride bikes!  I have him a quick call to thank him for setting my wheel aside and leaving the note: simply awesome!

redeyedburger3501After getting home and taking a quick shower I hopped on the Harley for the trip down to The Red Eyed Mule.  For the first time in a long time it wasn’t slammed when I walked in at noon so I had a few minutes to talk with Sabra, which was nice.  However, by the time Debbie walked in at 12:10 I was really glad that I’d arrived on time and gotten our order in: it was slammed and we were lucky to have our seats.  The Jakes Big Daddy was delicious, as always: the Sloppy Jake’s mix that goes on top is made with chorizo sausage and their beef is also heavily seasoned which gives the meats a unique taste; add to that the fried egg and lettuce/tomato/mustard topping on Texas Toast and, well… it doesn’t get any better when it comes to gourmet burgers!

After lunch I headed back home to trade off the Harley for the truck as I had to pick up some materials at Home Depot for a home project: replacing the window sills and trim before repainting the house.  Yup, after 23-years there are about 8 windows that have dry-rot despite 3 and in some cases 4 repaints over the years.  My cordless drill also died last week so in addition to picking up PVC sills, brick molding and some other trim pieces I had to buy a new 3/8″ drill.  I also decided to pick up a portable 10″ table saw to replace the one that died about 5 years ago, as this job would require some ripping and grooves cut into long, narrow trim pieces which is much easier to do with a table saw than my hand-held router.

What should have been a relatively quick 2-3 hour job became very time-consuming and complex once I had the window torn apart, as the original builder had done some “creative” things that I discovered during the demolition.  It suffices to say, that added another 4 hours to the job given that I had to make two more trips to Home Depot & Lowes to address this “discovery”.  In fact, this little discovery pretty much stalled my project dead in the water at 5:00pm; after all, it was Friday night!  I covered the trim-less window with plastic and duck tape for the night and would resume the project on Saturday.

SATURDAY: I was able to fix my little surprise early on Saturday morning and had the window rebuilt by around 2:30pm, much later than I’d originally planned… but at least it was done.  It took me about an hour to clean-up and re-organize the garage as I had to make room for the portable table saw in my 300 pound, roll-out organizer tucked under the back stairs in the garage.

rollout1 VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

With that done and out-of-the-way I decided I’d better take advantage of the weather-guesser’s forecast error and cut the lawn instead of holding out for a dry spell on Sunday. With that done and my 3rd T-shirt of the day drenched with sweat, I rehydrated with a couple brewski’s and then got ready for dinner at Loco Willy’s with my sweetie.

locoImagine our surprise as we walked-in to Willy’s at 6:40pm and found it slammed!  Our friends Deb & David were tucked into a corner and there wasn’t a pair of stools to be found at the bar inside our out. So, we found a table outside and just resigned ourselves to enjoying dinner as the rain that had been called for all day on Saturday finally began to fall, albeit as more or less a sun shower that lasted a good hour.  David & Deb took turns coming by to visit and we found them in some better seats at the bar on our way out and visited with them for a while before calling it a night.  Great Ahi Poke tuna as always; just doesn’t get any better and a full pound of tuna for $12.99 is a heck of a deal!

SUNDAY:  Well, our original plan for Sunday was to either get up early and make the hour-long drive out to Rome, Georgia for the July Tandem Club of Georgia (aka, PEACHES) ride, or to get up early and get in a tandem ride from the house and then head down to Villa Rica Georgia for the Curves & Chrome Poker Run and fund-raiser for breast cancer at noon: we did neither.  Well, that’s not quite accurate.

Debbie wasn’t feeling all that great when it was time to get up and head out to Rome, so we had to bag Plan A.  Plan B was began falling apart when our partners in crime opted out due to the weather forecast and we suspect an extra-awesome night at Loco Willy’s may have played into this as well.  So, we opted for an audible on Plan B which was a late tandem ride followed by a motorcycle ride, perhaps down to Villa Rica for the post-poker run festivities and to visit Jody and the boys from Pretty Twisted.  We finally got out on the tandem around 10:00am and it was a hot, steamy ride and the heavy air + high grass pollens wreaked havoc with Debbie’s breathing.  When we got home shortly after noon and took a look at the weather we knew we needed to get in a motorcycle ride, but didn’t have the time or inclination to make the hour-long trip down to Villa Rica.

relaxingOur Plan C ended up being a short ride down to the Marietta Square where we had lunch at Hemingway’s on the Square, then stopped by Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson so I could pick up a part for the bike, before heading back home to dodge the afternoon showers.  As you can somewhat tell from the photo I snapped of the lovely Ms. Debbie at Hemingway’s, she was definitely enjoying our alone time relaxing in the shade.

After getting the part for my Harley, visiting with Brian S. for a while and once again checking out that 2013 FLHRSE5 Road King CVO with our name written all over it, I decided we’d do best if we just headed for home.  I had a few chores left to do at home and Debbie still had to do a grocery store run before we officially called an end to our weekend.

We were kind of bummed that we didn’t make the PEACHES ride or the Curves & Chrome event, but at least we persevered and got in a tandem ride of our own + a nice ride on the motorcycle.  Any day where we get in a nice ride on the tandem and a nice ride on the Harley is a pretty awesome day!    I also did some “putzing” and experimenting” with the tandem which I’ll discuss in a separate thread and are also facing a dilemma in October that we need to resolve.  And then there’s that reluctant / overwhelmed seller we’re continuing to pursue which remains a bit of a quandary to both of us: why would you list something for sale when you clearly don’t  have time to meet with potential buyers?  I don’t get that.  Grrrr.

Oh yeah, it finally rained around 5:30pm, and again at 7:00pm in a big way. No joy for two wheel fun and games around here and I’m guessing Allatoona’s trails will be closed for the next couple days just from tonight’s rain, so no after work rides this week.



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