Jack Taylor Tandem Tricycle on ebay….. Very Cool

Linky: Jack Taylor Tandem Trike

As the seller aptly notes in the item description, “You won’t see this everyday on ebay especially in the USA!!! ”


I would so love to snag this if I had a place to keep it; we’re just flat out of room in the bike bay and elsewhere.  A truly unique machine — albeit with some odd quirks, e.g., two pair of rim brakes on the front wheel? — that would be a godsend to anyone who wanted to ride a tandem but needed added stability, or just plain fun to have as a novelty / collector item.




You won’t see this everyday on ebay especially in the USA!!!  A Jack Taylor tandem tricycle.  Custom & handbuilt.  The Reynolds tubing frame sticker says Tourist Model 531 butted tubes. Custom front & rear racks. Mostly 1980’s & 90’s Japanese parts.  The bike is in very good condition.  Dark red paint has some touch shows some wear.

A great bike to add to your collection.  Super fun to ride!!!  Impress your tandem buddies.  Perfect for someone who has a difficult time balancing a traditional tandem – lets you keep riding!

Captain seat tube CTT (center to top):              54.0cm
Captain seat tube center to top of top tube        52.0cm
Captain top tube CTC (center to center)             57.5cm
Captain stand over height                                77.0cm
Stoker seat tube CTT                                       52.0cm
Stoker top tube                                               60.0 cm
Remember the stoker stem reduces effective top tube length
Stoker stand over height                                  77.0cm

Custom built by Norm Taylor stem
Stronglight tandem 170mm cranks with 46/38(or 36?)/28 chainrings
Shimano Deore DX derailleurs derailers
Shimano shifters
Freewheel 14-28
Brakes (all on front wheel):
Dia Compe center pull & cantilever
Arai(?) drum, activated with Suntour barend
Front wheel:  Mavic rim, 48 hole Suzie hub
Rear wheels:  Mavic Modele 4, 36 hole trike hubs
Bontrager Select Invert tires 700×35
Nitto Noodle handlebar measures approx. width to outside    48cm

I really do not want to pack (crate) & ship this trike but I am willing to drive a long distance to deliver or meet you for the cost of my gas.  You would need to prepay for the trike before delivery


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One Response to Jack Taylor Tandem Tricycle on ebay….. Very Cool

  1. Cool bike, neat find, Thanks for sharing!

    We always wanted a tandem trike, not sure why. One day, upon pickup of donated medical supplies, a brand new shiny red Miami Sun SINGLE trike with manual attached, appeared in the warehouse and although we didn’t have room, I couldn’t let it go to scrap and ummm, here it is.

    Wife not thrilled about late night rides so when going solo for late night treks, I take the trike on occasion.

    Although it’s an upright cruiser with a huge seat, the dynamics of being a trike should be very similar for a tandem trike. Other than the advantage of not being able to pedal strike and not having to put feet down at lights, a trike is really hard to ride. Unless on the widest flat strip you always hit the rear tires on curbs, bus benches, and poles, when you go over a driveway that you’d never notice on a 2 wheeler, the bike leans, feels awkward, and you have to turn slowly or you go up on two wheels which is actually fun but on a tandem trike I think my wife would kill me.

    So to make a long story short, unless you’re starting a bike museum steer clear ’cause as cool as it looks be glad you don’t have the room I think it’d be real hard to ride

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