Anniversary Week, Day 5 (Wednesday)

Woohoo, I think my health finally turned the corner! I woke up feeling the best I’ve felt in quite a while this morning, so that was quite nice.  It was also quite lovely out early on, which beckoned me for a bicycle ride.  However, a quick check of the weather radar revealed the Sun was simply shining through a sucker-hole, and rain was imminent.

IMG_20130703_104442_825Perhaps it was a mixed blessing that today has been a total wash-out, as I’m pretty sure I would have been tempted to swing a leg over something with two wheels today instead of getting another day of rest before we fly down to Key West tomorrow morning.  It’s fair to say that the rain gave us absolutely no quarter today, as it’s been falling non-stop since 8:30am today, alternating between heavy thunderstorms to light rain, with all kinds of warnings out for flash-floods throughout the area.  After nearly a decade of below-average rainfall and perhaps 4 years of near-drought conditions it sure seems like we’ve gotten far more than our fair share of rain this Spring & Summer. However, I’m reminded that this is pretty much how the weather was when I first moved to Georgia back in 1991, something I’ve probably mentioned a few times this year.  Not much you can do about the weather…

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 3.17.05 PMSpeaking of weather and Key West, right now it looks like we’ll have some rain showers each afternoon and fairly mild temps in the upper 80’s, which will be just fine.  We’ll arrive around noon on Thursday and take a cab over to the Curry Mansion where we’ll be staying, a mere stroll from Duval Street.  At that point the relaxing will begin in earnest!  We’ll have to get up fairly early on Friday to catch the Yankee III at 7:00am for our day trip over to the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson.  The big catamaran will be our home-away from home for the day, offering us shelter from any rain, a place to eat and relax regardless of the weather.  We’re really looking forward to hitting Duval Street on a Friday & Saturday night, noting when we last visited we arrived on a Monday and left on Thursday. It was still a great time, but it didn’t have that weekend vibe so it will be interesting to compare and contrast the two different Duval Street experiences.

Debbie used part of her morning to attend to some fashion-related things, figure out what to pack for the trip and run some other errands.  I went in search of some parts for a bicycle and struck-out; back to flea-bay.  I also had to drop off a set of wheels at UPS for return shipment to the vendor, as the wheels they initially sent weren’t the right ones.  I thought about grabbing Debbie and heading over to the Firing Line of Georgia, but when I saw the local theater was slammed at 2:00 in the afternoon I realized that the range would also be slammed with a 30-40 minute waiting time.  Waiting in line wasn’t something I felt like doing today, so I dropped that idea about as fast as it came to me.

Back at the house I was able to spend some time out in the garage working on the motorcycles and my two off-road bicycles.  Oh, it’s so nice to have all kinds of leisure time in the middle of the week!!  Again, had the weather been nice I’m guessing I’d have been out riding a tandem with Debbie or hitting the trails on one of these two bikes, as I’ve still not been able to break the code on what it will take to get her back on the off-road tandem.

IMG_20130703_114534_813 IMG_20130703_115134_309

After tweaking the Harley & BMW I turned my attention to the two recently “refreshed” mountain bikes.  My trusty Ventana still needs a tweak to the handlebar position to get it dialed-in, noting that when I cut the steerer on the fork some 12 years ago I had a much more aggressive riding position where the bars were positioned about 1″ below the saddle height.  Now days I prefer to have the bars about 1/2″ to 1″ above the saddle.  Of course, had I ridden the Ventana instead of leaving it hanging in the garage I’m guessing I’d have worn out the front fork long ago and during the replacement would have addressed the stem height/rise with more spacers on a longer steerer vs. going to a 35° rise stem with riser bars.

Of course, after working on the motorcycles and removing the two-up saddle, backrest/luggage rack and saddlebags from the Harley to put it back in the bar-hopper configuration I use when I ride solo on nice days I was reminded of just how perfect that bike is in that configuration.


It’s only when we’re riding two-up and I want to “stretch our legs” with longer day trips that the Road King touring-size bike is a logical, better fit. So, you guessed it….  I’m back on the fence regarding what to do about motorcycles. Debbie absolutely loves the Wide Glide and is very resistant to seeing it “replaced”. She’d rather see us add the 2013 FLHRSE5, which would be nice but….  Yeah, well.  Perhaps retirement isn’t just around the corner!  Life’s all about trade-offs, and healthcare costs are still so much of a mystery that slipping the date a few years may not be out of the question, which then opens up a few more options for retirement planning and perhaps enough schnully-room for one more, very special Harley.

Later in the afternoon we had a very nice visit with a friend who needed a little help sorting out her WordPress blogs.  I’m basically a hack on most of this stuff, but can figure out most things so long as  the developers use intuitive menus and logic in setting up interactive websites.  I think I got her all squared away such that she can start blogging on the new page without overlapping on a previous blog that had a different audience. Regardless, it was really a treat for us to get some time to visit with Shari; Debbie is particularly fond of her.

aspen-west-cobbAs for the evening, given that we pulled movie night ahead by a full day I called an audible and made early dinner reservations at Aspen’s of West Cobb.  Sadly, the last time we visited Aspens was July 16th of last year; on our 19th anniversary!  Debbie was looking resplendent last year in a full-length black crochet & lace dress from Horsetown with her black lace boots.  This year she was sporting a lovely blue crochet dress from Horsetown and, well, looking like a million bucks!

blackdress IMG_20130703_171855_912

I don’t know why we don’t go more often, their food is AMAZING!  Their Caesar salad dressing has a very nice, light consistency with just a hint of anchovy, the bread is as good as we’ve ever had and is served with Taramasalata, a tasty spread made with Greek caviar, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, cumin & bread crumbs.  I had the Sirloin with a side of Gouda cheese grits that were heavenly; best ever… even better than the jalapeno cheese grits they served with ribs.  Debbie’s salmon and wilted spinach was also out of this world.  Simply a wonderful meal and I’m almost embarrassed to say, a sensational value since we ordered off the early bird menu.

We thought about heading over to Jimmy Mac’s for Sarge East’s Karaoke night as we were pretty sure there’d be a good crowd given tomorrow is a holiday.  However, with a 9:00am flight to catch in the morning we opted to head for home so we could pack and get some rest.

All-in-all, a pretty good day.


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