Tandem Club of America: A New Chapter Opens As Another Closes…

jack_susanI’d actually gotten something of a brief heads-up this was coming, but it was definitely something I had not expected to see for a few more years, and that was an announcement from Jack & Susan Goertz that they would be stepping down as the “Editors” of DoubleTalk.

Of course, my question is, “Is stepping down as  the editors of DoubleTalk synonymous with stepping down as the “leaders” of the Tandem Club of America?”  Interestingly enough, the answer isn’t quite clear from the editoral.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure what else there is beyond the newsletter when it comes to managing and leading TCA since DoubleTalk has been the center of the universe to all outward appearances.

I’m anxiously awaiting some additional information on how TCA leadership plan to move forward with TCA.  However, in the mean time and for anyone who’s not a current member of TCA, here’s the current Editorial Page entry from Jack & Susan where they announced their retirement as DoubleTalk’s editors:

This year is half over, and it’s time to talk about the future. It’s time for changes to be made to DoubleTalk and how it should look (and be distributed) in the future. After editing/publishing DoubleTalk for the past 30 years, we think that it is time for a DoubleTalk to obtain a new and fresh perspective.

It’s been a joy (most of the time), editing DoubleTalk, receiving your articles, being the first ones in the TCA world to read of your adventures, or of your new finds, or just reading your letters first. We love sharing your words and enthusiasm with the sport. And we’ll still love reading your articles in the future. 

When we started our stint as your volunteer editors, DoubleTalk was produced using a word processing package called “WordStar”. (If anyone remembers WordStar, you’re really showing your age). The operating system we used was CP/M. DOS wasn’t the major system yet, and don’t even mention Windows or the Internet. E-mail was used for sending text messages back and forth, spam a meat you ate out of a can, not junk in your electronic mailbox. We printed it on a dot matrix printer and pasted them in place on ‘dummies’, and maintained the mailing/membership list in dBase II. The ‘Web’ was what you blundered into when you were crawling around under your deck, and you had to watch out for spiders.

We thought we were really moving up in the world when Windows arrived, and with it, new word processing capabilities. WordStar for Windows appeared, and it was much easier to do the layout of DoubleTalk by computer. We added a scanner and a laser printer, and it became easier to include pictures and other graphics. 

Finally, we moved into publishing programs with even more capabilities, and DoubleTalk moved forward even more, evolving into the magazine that’s in your hands today.

TCA membership has changed over the years, too. Our first issue we produced, back in 1984, was mailed to less than 300 addresses. At its peak, we mailed each issue to over 2700 addresses. Now, TCA is back to a level of just over 600 members/addresses. We’re happy to report that TCA membership seems to be climbing again, thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of our membership team, Duncan & Laura McCabe.

Over these 30 years, more teams than we can possibly remember have contributed to DoubleTalk and TCA, and we can’t begin to thank all of them. Special recognition goes to Malcolm Boyd and Judy Allison, founders of the TCA and the first editor of D-T. Malcolm and Judy offered us much encouragement, and Malcolm maintained the membership list for us in the early days, sending it to us via modem when we were ready to publish another issue.

Steve Reker helped us immensely in the beginning, doing much of the graphic design and supplying TCA with many of the cartoons we published ‘back then’. Thanks, Steve, we appreciated your early efforts in moving DoubleTalk forward. 

Others that have helped over the years include the many folks who’ve contributed art work for the covers, who have helped us with redesigning the layout of DoubleTalk, and the folks who’ve banked your membership dollars and paid the bills of the club. We’d also like to thank all the folks whose names have graced the pages of DoubleTalk these past 30 years, both on the masthead and as authors of the many articles we’ve had the joy of publishing.

And we don’t want to forget mentioning our website. TCA moved onto the Web many years ago, thanks to the initial efforts of Roger Strauss (founder/hosts of the Georgia Tandem Rally). It’s continued over the years under several different webmasters since Roger’s first efforts, and the website is an important part of the TCA today. We believe it can be an even more important part in the future. Perhaps the web will replace DoubleTalk. Who knows?

Now, as we bring this editorial to a close, we ask for a team to come forward and volunteer to take over DoubleTalk for the future. We’re asking for someone with vision of what DoubleTalk can/should be, going forward, and have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to strive to make that vision a reality. If you’re that team, let us know. We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

We’re not leaving TCA, of course, and we promise we won’t leave DoubleTalk until it’ in good hands for the future. You’ll still find us at the major rallies, and once we step down, we’ll anxious to become regular contributors to DoubleTalk.  We hope new Editors come forward before the end of 2013.

And of course, we always end our editorial by asking that you write us an article or two, and send them immediately.  We want to share them with other TCA members through the pages of DoubleTalk. Please send your articles and letters to us via e-mail (editor@tandemclub.org). If  you’re including pictures (and pictures do make a better article), please don’t embed them in the article. Please send any pictures to us in a separate message, with any captions you feel would be appropriate.

Let’s go ride!

Jack & Susan Goertz
Editors, Tandem Club of America


About TG

I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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3 Responses to Tandem Club of America: A New Chapter Opens As Another Closes…

  1. Dave Walker says:

    Dear Jack and Susan,

    Thank you so much for your monumental contribution over these many years. Your names are, to me, synonymous with “Tandem” and “America.”

    Ride on,


  2. Joe & Susan says:

    TG…… if no one else steps up to the plate and takes TCA over, I can think of no better person then you Tandem Geek!!!

    • TG says:

      I’m humbled, but unworthy. Moreover, I’m confident the TCA remains in capable hands and the leadership will realign itself in a way that keeps it viable for many years to come.

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