Anniversary Week, Day 4 (Tuesday)

Quite frankly, I could have called-in sick this week instead of taking vacation and it wouldn’t have been all that different! Some symptoms are improving while others — chest congestion in particular — seem to be getting worse.  So, once again no tandem ride to start the day and I’m also keeping my distance from the motorcycles.  Double Ugg.

Today would best be characterized as our big down day.  I was awake at my normal weekday get-up time around 5:00am and let Debbie sleep-in.  That gave me some time to write-up yesterday’s blog entry and a short entry on the Tandem Club of America while also getting some other non-work related work done downstairs where my coughing was out of earshot by Debbie.

She joined me downstairs around 9:00am, about the same time as the start of today’s Tour de France – Team Trial.  We talked about what today might yield as far as any special events and I came up with two: (1) investigating whether or not The Lone Ranger might be opening up earlier than the advertised 3 July premier date so we could take in the flick a night earlier than originally planned, and (2) heading down to Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Historic Acworth, Georgia for lunch.

My gut instincts were right on The Lone Ranger, as several local theaters had it listed for 7:00pm starts on Tuesday evening.  I bought some tickets on-line so we’d be all set for the evening’s entertainment.  I should probably note that we’re very avid followers of Johnny Depp — on par with our affinity for the Marvel movies — so seeing The Lone Ranger was a must.

flhrI also sent off a note to my insurance company to get a quote on that darn Burgundy Blaze 2013 Harley CVO Road Glide (FLHRSE5) that I can’t get out of my head, in the hopes that the annual premiums would be significantly higher than what I pay for our 2011 FXDWG and serve as yet another deterrent to its potential acquisition.  This came after checking out what folks were asking for used 2010-2013 FXDWGs like ours, but with far-less in the way of upgrades or accessories and getting a number in my head of what I might be able to ask/get for our Wide Glide. Even if we fell a bit short of that number, it would definitely put the FLHRSE5 within reach and keep me from adding a 3rd motorcycle to the garage long-term, with its attendant costs.

Of course, the trick would be making sure I followed-through and sold-off the Wide Glide. That’s gonna be tough as we’ve really personalized that one and have some emotional investment in it along with a ton of sunk cost that won’t come back out.

debbie_dressWhile I was doing all of this Debbie was making herself beautiful and putting on one of her new dresses from Saturday’s visit to Horsetown.  Her Old Gringo boots were a perfect complement to the really cute dress and I simply had to pinch myself to remind me that she’s my sweetheart!   Stunning, simply stunning with a heart as big as Texas, a sunny disposition, a fantastic laugh and a strange attraction to me!

Henry 2After grabbing a photo of her in her new outfit (something I need to do more often), we headed off towards Acworth to give Henry’s a try.  We’ve always meant to pay a visit to Henry Chandler’s little place on Main Street in Acworth, as it has an outstanding reputation for being one of the better places to go for Louisiana cuisine.  We split some calamari, a Caesar salad and the shrimp & grits and it was tasty.  However, we weren’t blown away so we’ve decided to make a second trip for dinner to give the main entrees a try before passing final judgement.  We’re really spoiled by the calamari that Dave Mendelson serves up at Hemingway’s on the square in Marietta (always cooked just right & large portions) and have had some really killer shrimp & grits at Boar’s Head in Savannah which set the bar pretty high for those two offerings.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 WAfter lunch we did a short walk around downtown Acworth just to see what was there before heading back home for the afternoon. Debbie needed to clean out her personal email account I had a pair of wheels for my full-suspension Ventana Marble Peak arrive earlier in the day that I needed to attend to so that bike will be ready to go once I’m ready to go.  I’d thought about sunsetting that bike when I picked up the hardtail Dean Scout, but they turned out to be such different bikes that I wanted to keep both at the ready.

tontoWe had dinner-in which was nice; nothing fancy just comfort food that’s more in line with our normal eating routine and that was nice.  After that it was off to the movies so we could see The Lone Ranger from Disney before spoilers and other accounts made their way to our ears that might take away from our experience.  Johnny Depp did not disappoint; another amazing performance.  I’ll leave it alone at that so as not to do to readers what we tried to avoid by being some of the first to see the movie.  Although it’s at best a mediocre film in far too many respects, we really found it entertaining by simply focusing on Depp’s character.  There were a few too many sub-plots at play along with some editorializing but they had and a wonderful way of telling the story that I had not expected and as you expected it focused on Depp’s character.  Remember, it’s fiction… and best not watched with a critical eye.  Good for some great laughs, just don’t use too critical of an eye.

Before heading off to the movies I shot off a couple of messages via Facebook to the two Brian’s over at Earl Small’s to ask if the 2013 FLHRSE5 was still sitting on the sales floor when they closed shop today.  I figured it would be a good idea to check so that I could continue to ponder my next move knowing it certainly wouldn’t go anywhere while they were closed for the 3rd & 4th of July.  Of course, it’s not like I could do anything about it on the 5th – 8th as we’ll be down in Key West, so we’ll let the chips fall. Frankly, I think the key for us is taking a Road King, either the FLHRSE5 or a stock FLHR out for a ride just to be sure that we enjoy riding the heavier, less raked big Harley touring bike vs. our relatively sporty-handling Dyna Wide Glide.  I’ve ridden Road Glides, Road Glide Ultra’s, and a Street Glide, but never a Road King and have a pretty good idea how they feel. However, for Debbie it’s a huge unknown and she’s pretty particular about how bikes ride.  After all, she absolutely did not enjoy riding our ’04 R1150RT and is leery of anything with two wheels that has “touring” in the description. So, that’s really the critical path.  Spending money is always the easiest part. It’s living with a bad decision that brings about the angst.

Well, that was our day.  It was a relaxing evening back at home after the movie with a couple of low-fat dessert yogurts in lieu of a post-movie ice cream treat before calling it a night.


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