20th Anniversary Celebration Underway! (Saturday)

For a variety of reasons — mostly due to work schedules — we decided to move the celebration of our 20th anniversary up two-weeks and kicked off our week-long celebration / vacation Friday night at… you guessed it: On the Border.

rxI should probably take a step back and note that I’m still fighting the same crud that first hit me on May 23rd: yup, 102° temp on Tuesday night, sore throat, and all of that good stuff.  I finally had a chance to get into our Primary Care Provider on Thursday who put me on my third course of Antibiotics: 14 days on Cipro.  4-doses into it, I’m not sure it’s vanquished the sinusitis but some of the symptoms have subsided so I am feeling a bit better: let’s call it 70%.  I’m shooting for 100% by the 4th of July.  Debbie is dealing with itchy eyes and other hay fever related symptoms, so we’re quite a pair at the moment. 

Friday at OTB was in doubt at first in that Debbie was struggling with a very irritated eye / slight headache, I was still a bit off and we knew that our dining partners — David & Deb — would not be there as David was out-of-town.   However, after a short nap Debbie felt better so we headed on over.  As always, Jeff and Matt took care of us and we had a very nice time visiting with Carole & Seth so it was a very nice evening.  No dinner for some reason; food just didn’t appeal.

Saturday started off a bit slow as we both assessed our respective condition but that was OK too: the Tour de France kicked-off on Saturday and that’s always a nice diversion.  We interspersed a few chores with our tour watching and had a nice morning on our first day of being on vacation.

SDC11059As noon approached I decided that heading out on the tandem might be a bit of a stretch since I didn’t want to irritate my lungs or sinuses on the first day of our week off and the grass pollens that were apparently at the root of my infection were High again.  So, I figured a good test might be some time out on the motorcycle: Debbie was quite excited!  After all, it’s been over a month since we’ve been out on the motorcycle and Debbie “loves” being out on the big bike almost as much as the tandem.

redeyedburger3501Our first destination was lunch at The Red Eyed Mule.  After all, we’ll be in Key West next Friday which is our official day for lunch at The Mule and it truly is the best burger we’ve found.  The ride over went well without any dizziness or spontaneous coughing or sneezing, although my chest definitely felt a bit tight after sucking in all of the grass pollen-laden air that wafted-off the freshly cut, massive lawn at Kennesaw Battlefield Park as we rode past.  Our Jake’s Big Daddy was delicious as always, and we had a nice chat with Joe, noting that Sabra had taken the day off so she could get ready for their own little week off down in Florida this coming week.

100_6470Our next destination was Earl Small’s, our local Harley dealer.  Wesley & Julie had given me a H-D gift card for Father’s Day and I wanted to use that before I forgot about it, as often times happens with gift cards.  We had a nice visit with many of the really nice folks who work at Earl’s and that have also become friends — Doc, Brian, Nick, Sam, Hanna, Tim, etc. — and found Debbie a very nice halter top that she wore right out of the store! So, that took care of my gift card and then some.  I also spent far too much time admiring the 2013 CVO Road King FLHRSE5 in Burgundy Blaze.  There’s just something about that bike that really appeals to both of us.  The cost is off the charts, so I seriously doubt I’d given-in to bike-lust and buy a new one.  But, with the 2014’s just around the corner I’m sure there will be a few of these hitting the used market over the winter.  The question would then become, which of the two motorcycles I already have would have to go? The BMW R1100S or our beloved FXDWG Wide Glide!  Quite frankly, both of these bikes have shown why the CVO bikes are actually pretty values, as each of them ended up costing 150% of their original cost once the stock shocks, saddles, induction/exhaust systems, tuning, saddlebags, etc. were “tweaked” to our liking.  But I digress…

2340368-p-4xThe next leg of our journey was  a nice ride up to Horsetown to see what kind of women’s wear they had on hand now that the last of the things bought by Misty before she parted company with Horsetown to pursue her photography business.  We found five very nice dresses and a skirt and the gals took very good care of Debbie.  It wasn’t the same experience we learned to look forward to with Misty, but that was pretty unprecedented ad special.  So, setting that aside, Horsetown is still our go-to-place when I want to spoil my sweet Debbie!  She just looks so right in the fashions that they carry…  like the Stetson crochet number at right: it just looks a lot better on Debbie!!!

Our next stop was Kohls so we could pick up  a few garments that Debbie would need to wear under some of the new outfits to make them a bit less revealing.  One of her new dresses was a very stylish little black cocktail dress — hard to believe she didn’t have one of those — and it was very much translucent in back when the light hit it just right… somewhat like lycra cycling shorts can sometimes do!

After that it was getting close to 4:00pm and before heading over to Killer Creek Harley Davidson in Roswell to visit with and listen to our friends from the band Pretty Twisted I thought we’d stop by the house, unload Debbie’s haul from Horsetown, check the weather and take a few more drugs before making the trip over to Roswell.  I was really pleased at how well I was doing with all of the time on the bike: I’d guess we’d logged about 50 – 60 miles so far and we’d log another 60 on the trip over to KCHD and back: definitely a good test of my resistance to the pollen.

The ride over to KCHD was uneventful and Jody & the boys (with Brad K. filling in for Doug on Bass) were up playing when we arrived around 5:15. We could tell it was hot on stage as Jody was “glowing” and “glistening” as she belted out some awesome vocals.  We got the high-sign from Joey when he spotted us sitting out in the audience and then Jody came by to visit when they took their first break around 5:30 and she truly was soaked to the bone.  We were eventually joined by Tyler’s dad Mark and our friend “Dusty” at our table.  Our friend Warren from High Meadow Drive stopped by and Jody’s daughter Sydney and mom Darcy were there so it was really a good time. Tommy Townsend — who played with Waylon Jennings — was on hand at the event marketing his Grandaddy’s Mimms moonshine and went on stage as a solo-act from 5:30 – 6:30, although Joey couldn’t resist and eventually joined in with Tommy on drums.  We hung out for the hour plus break, but the schedule for the event was a bit screwy and P.T. wasn’t scheduled to be back on stage until 7:15.  So, given it was 6:45 we were getting pretty hungry and I had Ahi Poke on my mind, not char-broiled burgers or 1 lb dogs. Sadly, we said our goodbye’s to all of our friends and headed back towards Marietta to grab some dinner.

locoLoco Willy’s knows how to make some awesome food!  Great ride over and the Ahi Poke was amazing, never mind abundant.  There was easily a full pound of yellow fin Ahi tuna piled on top of the sushi rice and it melted in my mouth.  Debbie was taken-in by Willy’s smoker when we rode up and opted to go with their smoked corned beef Ruben.  As much as we’ve always enjoyed our weekly visits to Olde Towne Grille, of late there have just been so many changes to the staff, menu and even the taste of the food that it’s lost a little bit of its luster and Willy’s is on the verge of becoming out Saturday go-to place for dinner.  David & Deb were the ones who got us started as they adopted Willy’s with Shannon behind the bar as their Saturday night haunt.

We ended the evening back at home and watched the Disney / Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland to close out our evening.  It was an awesome day!



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