Sidelined On Another Beautiful Saturday & Making The Best of It

sickYup, no Two-Up-Love with my sweetie today… tandem or motorcycle.  Still struggling with sinus / balance issues but there’s now light at the end of the tunnel: I’m now on an antibiotic.  So, hopefully the drugs will take down the crud in combination with two days of pure rest.

Here’s the deal: After using over-the-counter remedies for 7 days to deal with the symptoms in the hope that the crud would subside without antibiotics, I finally said uncle and asked Debbie to see if I could get in to see our Primary Care Physician on Friday.  Yeah, well….  Since I’ve never been in to see this particular doctor since having to change PCPs two years ago I’m technically a “new patient” and that requires a full-blown appointment for an initial visit. First available date, June 13th! Their recommendation was to head to an Urgent Care center.  Modern Health Care at its finest.

Take-Care-Health-Clinic-Cypress-Texas_fullThank goodness for Walgreens “Take Care Clinics”.  I left work a little early and arrived at the local Walgreens around 4:30. There were three people ahead of me so the estimate wait time was about 60-75 minutes.  55 minutes later I was in to see a very nice, very overworked doctor.  Diagnosis: Sinusitis.  Prescription: Antibiotics for 10 days + Musinex DM for my nagging cough.  I’m now cautiously optimistic that with a little more rest & the antibiotic I’ll be back in the saddle next weekend!

key-west-information-dry-tortugasOn the bright side, it’s not all that bad just relaxing out here on the breezeway!  I’ve been able to book our flight to Key West for a long 4th of July weekend and am now checking out hotels and B&Bs.  I also need to book either the day-long cruise or 1/2 day seaplane flight out to the Dry Tortugas & Fort Jefferson for Friday July 5th.  Still working on June 28th-July 3rd but it’s shaping up to be a really nice 20th Anniversary vacation week!!


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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2 Responses to Sidelined On Another Beautiful Saturday & Making The Best of It

  1. Chuck says:

    Antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections, not viruses.

    • TG says:

      This is true; I stand corrected and have “fixed” my error. I should have stuck to “crud” or correctly referenced a bacterial infection of the sinus cavities.

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