Well, That Was A Heck Of A Week! Debbie-Fest Retrospective

myloveWell, Debbie-fest 2013 — the extended celebration of my lovely wife Debbie’s birthday — has just about come to an end. Well, sort of an end.

Thankfully, this year’s Debbie-fest did include some tandem cycling, but only because I was able to sneak out of work on Monday & Tuesday so we could hit the road before the sunset during the week.  The weekends just didn’t lend themselves to providing us with much in the way of ride time as we were still playing catch-up from being out-of-town for the previous two weekends and this weekend was forecast to be a rainy mess.

But, to recap the entire Debbie-fest, it kicked-off on the Sunday after we returned from Key West with a quick trip over to Horsetown to see what they might have to brighten my sweet Debbie’s closet.  Of course, I have to note that our Horsetown visits aren’t what they used to be and it’s a good news / bad news story.  The bad news is our dear friend, store manager and Debbie’s personal fashion consultant Misty parted ways on good grounds with Horsetown back in December.  So, the days of walking into Horsetown and being greeted with a big old hug and smile from the sweet Misty, and then watching Misty play real-life Barbie Doll dress-up with Debbie for a couple hours are merely fond memories at this point. We still enjoy all of the great folks at Horsetown — they’re the best! — but our relationship with Misty was a pretty special thing.  The good news is, Misty has positioned herself well in life and has gone on to pursue her passion for photography by starting up a new business… and that’s simply awesome!  We love it when we see folks who are chasing their dream and making their own way on their own terms.  Well, and of course the other good news is that we had a hell of a run with our visits to Horsetown and between Misty’s fantastic sense of fashion and being Horsetown’s buyer we were able to completely transform Debbie’s wardrobe over the past year: Debbie has truly been Misti-fied!  But, I digress…

c1105As I said, we stopped by Horsetown and were able to find a few things that Debbie liked, including a new pair of kick-ass, black python & crystal Corral boots and then headed over to Horsetown’s sister store in Marietta, High Plains, as I’d seen some cute dresses there when I stopped in to get some smaller-size jeans for myself before Key West: it’s nice to have pant sizes going down instead of up for a change!  Again, not exactly the shopping experience we had with Misty, but we found a few more really nice things to add to Debbie’s closet.  Honestly, I think we’re done!

kidsWith that aspect of Debbie-fest complete, the actual week around her birthday kicked-off with the two surprise tandem rides on Monday & Tuesday evenings.  Well, there were also some flowers and a big fluffy Teddy bear on Tuesday: baby’s gotta have her pretty flowers and a cuddly bear!   Wednesday I had to work late, but Thursday was dinner out at On the Border with our son Wesley, his wife Julie and the granddaughters Caroline & Charlotte.  As regular readers have figured out by now, we eat out at least twice a week and for well over 12-years our Friday & Saturday dinners out have been at On the Border and Olde Towne Grille & Tavern because they are simply the most comfortable places we’ve found. So, it’s a no-brainer when we have an event like a birthday as to where we’ll be going, especially with the grandkids.  And, as always, On the Border did not disappoint!  Our good friend and barkeep Jeff got us off to a great start with Debbie’s Pina Colada & my extra special margarita. The kids showed up shortly thereafter and we had a grand time, a tasty dinner and quality time with the grandkids.

Although I had a bit of a mental melt-down at work on Wednesday & Thursday when the wheels came off a few things that shouldn’t have been an issue, everything that threatened to screw up Thursdays’ dinner with the family and even part of Friday & the weekend settled down.  So, despite making a poor vocational decision back in 1999 that culminates in an occasional “stress fest” of my own, I was able to regain some composure, make a few apologies and refocus on the important stuff in life: family and friends.  After all, we really can change jobs & careers — since those are choices we make — family and friends are forever (if we’re lucky, that is!)

redeyedburger3501So, Friday became mine again and I was up early so I could knock out my office work, some real work, and then begin working down my to-do list which included getting the car, truck and both motorcycle license tags renewed  ($$$ouch$$$), some range time over at GA Firing Line and a 1/2 dozen other things before it was time to meet my sweetie for lunch at The Red Eyed Mule. After lunch it was back to the yard as there were several thousand leaves and other other winter debris in the side yard that still needed to be gritzed-up and used as mulch on the front beds.  Around 4:00 P.M.  a friend showed up to drop off a tandem that I was going to work on over the weekend, and before I knew it Debbie had rolled into the driveway so it was time to get ready for “Finally a Friday” with our friends David & Deb.

jodySince it was Friday we were back at On the Border because, well… that’s how we end every week!  However, for Debbie-fest we lucked out and our dear friend Jody and the boys from Pretty Twisted were playing nearby at Sixes Tavern in Canton, Georgia so after our dinner and visiting with all of our friends at On the Border we piled David & Deb into our truck and motored on up the road to Sixes.  The band was in fine form, the libations were flowing and we had a great time kicking up our heels on the dance floor!  Debbie was treated to her very own special “Dirty Birthday Song” by Jody and I snuck in a couple boxes of Krispy Kreme donut holes that I’d topped with a candle to server as Debbie’s mock birthday cake for the celebration that followed.  It was a great time, to be sure!!!

Debbie decided to spend Saturday visiting with her parents and helping them spruce up their gardens while I did some chores around the house and worked on a friend’s tandem and knocking off a few more things on my to-do list.  Dinner would be a no-brainer: Olde Towne.  However, once we’d finished up dinner neither one of us felt like going home so we decided to crash-in on David & Deb at their Saturday dinner spot: Loco Willy’s.  We found them at the bar entertaining Shannon, the barkeep, and proceeded to spend the next two hours at the bar having a great time just shooting the breeze.  Back at home we settled in for a movie and that was that.

Now, if we can just make it three more days until Thursday, when we hop on the Harley and take a quick 330 mile ride down to Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach!



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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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