Anyone Want To Talk About S_x? Oh wait… Sox, no I meant Socks!

smartwoolI was just looking for a catchy subject line for a few thoughts on the subject of socks and went for the phonetic play on words.  My apologies if I got any baseball fans in Chicago or Boston excited under false pretense…

I just wanted to thank the good folks at Smart Wool for bringing me back to wool socks.  It’s finally come full circle as not only are our cycling sock drawers now filled Smart Wool products, I’ve finally ditched all of my cotton blend boot socks and gone all-in with Smart Wool products.   Oh, the Joy!


Like it says inside the top seam of all my above the calf socks, “Feels Good”!  To be fair, what I’ve ended up with are Smart Wool’s ski & snow board socks, as that’s what I finally found on sale at REI!

Just like our Smart Wool cycling socks, I finally have socks I can wear with my pull-on work and Western books — which is pretty much what I wear all day, every day at work, in the yard, on the motorcycle, dancing, etc. — that don’t end up being a sweaty, stinky, cold, unhealthy uncomfortable mess.  They even passed the Key West test with flying colors!

So, thank you Smart Wool / Timberline for introducing a great cycling sock oh so many years back now.  I could kick myself for not moving to your full line of Marino wool socks sooner!!  Better late than never.



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One Response to Anyone Want To Talk About S_x? Oh wait… Sox, no I meant Socks!

  1. Wayne Thais says:

    For cold weather riding we have found that Alpaca socks are actually more comfortable and warmer than wool. We have Rapha wool socks that are good but the Alpaca are better. My wife loves the smart wool shorts.

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