Tandems East Open House & the Tandem Geek Show

This coming Saturday & Sunday Mel & Barbara Kornbluh will be holding their 25th annual Open House in Pittsgrove, New Jersey.  Some of their guest speakers on Saturday will include Zack Strahley of Co-Motion, daVinci co-owner Brian Davis, Spinergy wheel expert Ric Becker of the House of Tandems in TX, and Charlie Buchalter of ATOC/Draftmaster.  More info can be found at their website by clicking HERE.

tandemseastWe attended their 20th annual Open House in 2008 when it coincided with my dad’s 80th birthday which gave us a chance to surprise him at a lunch event, spend some time visiting and then head down to the Open House for the Saturday seminars before making the drive home on Sunday. We had a chance to meet Craig Calfee, Rafe Schlanger of Topolino, Brian Davis from daVinci, Gary Forman from Co-Motion, and Bill Speckman from Your Cycling Italia, as well as getting some time to visit with Mel & Barbara during dinner on Saturday evening after the event wrapped for the day.  It was a great time, although somewhat expensive as we ended up buying a set of Topolino wheels from Mel shortly thereafter.  I documented our visit as part of our Calfee Journal, a multi-part blog-like account of our first year of Calfee ownership. Somewhat surprisingly, our journal is actually linked-off of Calfee’s website.  How about that?

Somewhat out of the blue, in late 2011 Mel invited me to participate in the 2012 open house as a guest speaker.  While I wasn’t exactly sure what I might have to offer that would be of interest to their guests, I thought it might be interesting IF we didn’t have a conflict, which we did.  However, because their 2013 Open House would once again nearly coincide with my dad’s 85th birthday, I volunteered to make the trip up for 2013 if they really thought I could add some value or interest to their seminars.  So, earlier this winter we firmed-up the commitment and I’ve now ended up on the speaker’s list.

My guess is the attraction may be similar to what brought about an invitation to be interviewed by Diane Lees for her weekly radio talk show on NPR, The Outspoken Cyclist back in April of 2011, i.e., what kind of nut-job invest as much time and energy into a hobby like tandem cycling?  So, with that in mind, I spent some free time over the last week or so putting together what I’ll simply call “The Tandem Geek Show”.  I’m not sure if anyone else will find it as interesting as my lovely wife, best friend and stoker Debbie did – she really had no idea what I’d been up to all of these years – but there will be lots of eye candy and no sales pitch at the end.

Regardless, we’ll have a chance to visit with Mel & Barbara again, have an opportunity to meet a few other folks from the cycling industry whom we’ve known for many years via the Internet and perhaps have lunch with some friends who may stop by on Saturday.  After that, we’ll motor up to Pennsylvania to visit with my folks on Sunday before heading back to the airport to fly home on Monday afternoon.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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  1. Paul Meixner says:


    See your there. Is your presentation at 1 or at 2?

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