Should We Be Flabbergasted, Flattered or Fhilosophical?

Yes, yes…  we know philosophical begins with a ‘pf’ instead of an “fh” but it was just too hard to resist.

Anyway, our good friend Michael S. over in Croatia dropped me a note the other day in which he drew my attention to a Facebook page for a young lady in Athens, Greece…. and specifically to the profile image.



Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 11.43.32 PM

Well, in terms of the three F’s, I chose to go with the last one and be philosophical about it.  After all, if someone is willing to dedicate their Facebook identity to tandem cycling, and then adorn their tandem cycling page’s profile image with a photo of me and my dear Debbie carving a turn at the dirt pile on The Tail of the Dragon (US129) near Deal’s Gap in Tennessee, I guess we should be somewhat flattered.  Does this not make us “poster children for tandem cycling?!”

However, a quick translation of their Facebook page info really does warm our heart and make us really quite humble, in that this page was created for an organization that exists to help young people with disabilities integrate with others through sports, etc…. very much like Club VIBES in Knoxville, TN:

Administrators: Kourkounasiou Maria Stefanidis Panagiotis Mission Team TANDEM aims to help young people with disabilities to socialize and integrate smoothly into society through participation in bicycle tours Municipalities and other mass sports activities and contribute to the education of young about environmental and ecological issues. Description Our team is a relatively new group of young people with disabilities (blind, deaf, etc.) and without disabilities. Through our joint actions seek, coming together, dialogue, acceptance, combating stigma and promoting volunteerism. The theme of our actions have to do with the environment, mass sport, participation in activities of other agencies, etc. Our members are active participants in sports networks, international volunteer organizations, arts institutions. The aim of our team through this project is to provide a forum to young people with disabilities to participate in mass sports events and social action which will cooperate and coexist with people without disabilities. Will participate in cycling tours and activities in various municipalities (and social actors) of Attica and beyond. The president of ‘MARY EVAGELISTRIA’ is very experienced teacher of Physical Education with 30 years experience in organizing school competitions and sports events as a representative of the Office of Physical Education Athens. The coach is a graduate student in special education Physical Education Athens with enough experience and participation in activities for the disabled. All employees are graduates of the program with physical education participation in programs for the disabled. Edit Basic Info Joined Facebook 08/27/2012 Location Athens, Greece Edit Contact Info Phone 21 0822 2949 Email


What more could a tandem geek hope for???  So, in case anyone at Mary Evagelistria or Mission Team TANDEM stumbles over this, you’re more than welcome to keep us in your profile photo!  Hats-off to y’all for doing such good work for those in need.


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