Garage Sale / Ebay Post Mortem

Well, the goods are now either in the hands of or on their way to new owners.  How’d we do?

Well, on the plus side everything’s gone: three set of wheels, three stoker stems, three seat posts, five saddles, two sets of handlebars, seven water bottle cages, 3 seat post collars and a North Atlanta Riders Club jersey.

I’d say that there were a couple of pretty big winner’s out there.  The best deal of the lot were the wheels off of the triplet which went for a thrifty $276.00, including a set of Salsa skewers.  For context, we just ordered a replacement set of wheels for our triplet which aren’t all that different from the ones we just sold: White Industry hubs, Velocity Dyad rims, DT spokes and the cost of labor, etc. totaling up to just about $700 once shipping is included.  Of course, that doesn’t include the $58 skewer set. So, yeah… that was a great deal for someone as those were pretty much new wheels for all intents and purposes. As to why I was replacing them?  In a word: vanity.  Our triplet’s awesomeness requires all-black wheels!

The Rolf’s also were a pretty good deal for the money they brought. New they sell for roughly $900 and these ones sold for $500 with Ti skewers, etc., about $50 less than I’d advertised with the O.B.O. option hanging out there.   While they were used, they probably didn’t have much more than 1,500 road miles so once again I’d say the buyer came out way ahead and we were able to cover a good portion of the new triplet wheels with the proceeds.

The Shimano / Velocity Aeroheat AT wheelset was also a pretty sweet deal for someone @ $150. Those were also nearly new wheels and so long as you liked SID blue, what more could anyone want or need in a high-quality, lightweight set of 26″ wheels.  I honestly forgot what I paid for those back in 2001, but I’m sure it was a lot more than $150… more likely $350.  Cest la vie.

The latter pretty much sums up the entire sale.  Whatcha gonna do??  At some point the stuff just needs to go, regardless of the potential loss.  That someone else will get to enjoy them, all the better.  Heck, they may even be able to re-sell ala “American Pickers” and make a few bucks if they’re really patient.  I was actually quite surprised that no one made any offers to snap up the triplet or Rolf wheels during the pre-Ebay offering… but then again, Spinergy’s are the new hot-ticket for good-looking, high-zoot tandem wheels and I did remove the decals so not much in the way of bling either.  The triplet wheels, that’s just baffling to me. Again, $650 – $700 is about the going rate for a having someone in the biz build-up a set of wheels of the right quality / durability for triplet use, for getting those at a 60% discount.

The gentleman who bought my Hincapie team jersey for $1.25 mentioned feeling almost guilty for buying it so cheap… so cheap in fact that shipping was 4x the cost of the jersey!  Everything else went for pretty much fair market where the buyer got a good deal and we also got about what I’d expected.

I’ve also been clearing out a few motorcycle parts so all told I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to cover the cost of the new wheels for the triplet as well as my sunk cost on the Dean Scout project.  No looking back at the net loss on the entire lot.  I figured I’d take a bit of a bath on the Rolfs when I got into my wheel comparison project, having already taken a bit of a bath on a set of 2008 Rolf’s.


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