Cycling Apparel: One-In / One Out…???? Yeah, Right.

As a follow on to my “Got Shoes” entry back in early January, and in response to some comments and questions I received both on and off the blog, I finally got around to doing a slight purge of some cycling apparel and in the process did an inventory of what we presently have hanging in the closet which I’ve sheepishly included below.

Of course, when I say purge the implication is while the truly worn-out and no longer serviceable items will be chucked, it’s really hard to figure out what to do with jerseys & shorts that have become a little too large (…or sometimes a little too small – Eeek!) or were some type of commemorative / special event jersey that won’t likely be worn again.  As mentioned in the Got Shoes entry, we donated about 30 semi-generic jerseys, several pair of nearly new cycling shorts, and probably 12 sets of matching logo socks to a worthy cause a couple of years back, we’ve also sold-off or given away a few pair of unworn tandem rally jerseys as a way of thinning the herd.  But despite those efforts my guess in the Got Shoes entry was about right: we have 52 jerseys between us at the moment, and seven more on the way for 2013!

Interestingly enough, as I went through our gear this morning I was reminded of an article I wrote back in 2004 entitled “Tandems: First Time Sticker Shock & The Relative Costs of Cycling where I shared my perspective on cycling gear that included a pretty healthy list of apparel. The kicker for seasoned cyclists who were thinking about introducing a partner to cycling was most of the apparel costs they were used to or had absorbed over time as they build their wardrobe would need to be replicated for their would-be tandem partner unless they too were already a well-outfitted cyclist.

Anyway, and without further a du, here’s the current rundown of what’s hanging in our closet, less the socks, gloves, arm warmers, booties, ear warmers, base layer items, etc:

  • Hers
    • 13 short sleeve jerseys, 5 out of circulation
    • 13 sleeveless jerseys, 1 out of circulation
    • 2 long-sleeve jerseys
    • 2 love-sleeve winter weight jerseys
    • 2 wind vests
    • 2 rain jackets
    • 9 pr of cycling shorts, 6 out of circulation
    • 1 Body suit, out of circulation
    • 1 pr cycling tights, about to be retired
    • 1 pr kickers
    • 1 pr winter weight bib tights
  • His
    • 18 short sleeve jerseys, 6 out of circulation
    • 2 long-sleeve jerseys
    • 2 long-sleeve winter weight jerseys
    • 3 wind vests
    • 2 rain jackets
    • 1 winter cycling jacket
    • 8 pair of bib shorts, 2 out of circulation
    • 3 pair of cycling shorts, all 3 out of circulation
    • 1 pr bib knickers
    • 2 pr bib tights
    • 1 pr winter weight overpants

Yeah, that’s a lot of ‘stuff’ and the cycling shorts are all only good for a couple of seasons at best, even when doing a lot of rotation to cut down on the wear and tear.  Now, bear in mind as you look at this list we are outfitted for year-round on and off-road riding and have belonged to a cycling club for many, many years. Easily 2/3s of those jerseys are our club’s jerseys and as noted, we have some additional club jerseys on the way for 2013.  Included in those 2013 jerseys are some  extras for our guest stokers to wear on our triplet, as we’ve been told we need to dress alike when we’re on the triplet.  I’ve also found a certain jersey from a renegade cycling blog I really enjoy and relate to that will likely become another triplet team jersey, so therein may be a few more jerseys.

So, having purged the closet and with all of these new jerseys in bound for 2012 I will attempt to invoke a new rule for 2013, constrained by the number of black hangers we have, whereby for every new item of apparel that enters the closet, one will need to go into long-term storage or, ideally, out the door.  In regard to the latter I may have to search out some type of 501c cycling program where we can donate our old jerseys.

Before closing I probably need to solve another mystery: just how big is that closet?   Well, it’s roughly 10.5′ x 12′ with a 3.5′ x 4.5′ nook where the cycling apparel, shoes, and street shoes reside, or about 142 sq feet all told.

We lucked-out when I modified the design of our home by enlarging the garage and that, in turn, allowed us to enlarge the closet and create an adjacent exercise room that accesses the garage with its own stairway.  I’m pretty sure it’s our oversized garage & master suite in our otherwise humble-sized home that has kept us here for 21 years.  Now, if it only had a basement!!


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