Bicycle Fabrication: Handcrafted to Mass Production

While perusing the video’s on bicycle manufacturing I thought it might be interesting to share a few more videos I stumbled over.  I decided to start with the high-end beginning with Seven Cycles & a hand-crafted custom and end with Giant’s final assembly line in Taiwan.   Stacked in between is a 2008 video shot at Co-Motion so that we’d have some tandem content, Colnago’s Italian-based carbon frame fabrication, some video from the former US-based Cannondale, then what looks to be Canada-based CCM big-box store bike fabrication.

There are many, many videos like this from a variety of builders, but I thought this progression was pretty interesting based on seeing how the scale of production changes the value proposition.  Also note that Co-Motion’s production model is pretty darn close to Seven Cycles; yes, we’re talking hand-crafted bikes.






Giant Assembly


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One Response to Bicycle Fabrication: Handcrafted to Mass Production

  1. Michael von Neumann says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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