Back on the eMotion Rollers… Uggg

For anyone who’s not familiar with the eMotion rollers, I did a couple of entries last year after I first acquired it that you can find HERE.

Well, I guess it’s better than not riding. Actually, it’s a heck of a lot better than not riding and certainly more interesting / realistic than using one of our fixed wheel stationary trainers. 


In fact, it’s still pretty mind-blowing how adding fore/aft float to a set of rollers completely transforms the indoor riding experience.  At one time I felt pretty proud of myself for being able to somewhat master the art of riding traditional rollers, but at this point I’m just tickled pink I don’t have to spend 1/2 of my energy worrying about staying on the darn things or having perfect form. The latter used to be pretty important years ago, but at this point I’m less interested in keep score and more interested in enjoying the ride. So, the eMotion rollers are a perfect fit for that bridge between when riding outdoors is possible and when it’s just a bad idea, i.e., in the dark, when it’s wet & cold, etc.


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3 Responses to Back on the eMotion Rollers… Uggg

  1. Peter Leiss says:

    Any ride is better none at all, I am either dulled to the indoor tedium or have found a solution to the torture. I use a TACX VR trainer that allows me ride awesome routes from around the world, suffer up the hills and get a nice push down hill. I also use rollers the standard type not the fancy moving ones to work on a smooth spin every once in while. Up here in the Great White North we have limited opportunities to ride in the winter, although Global Warming is making it a lot easier.

  2. T. Guy says:

    Any ride is better than none, Peter, and I’m hoping to get out today if it will get into the thirties or warmer. Otherwise, I will not mind watching the sunset from my rollers. Like the TandemGeek, I rarely roll without a fork stand and I think that helps me to focus more completely on a perfect spin. I find it far from boring, but I’d rather be outside….and my winter bike is riding great… gotta go.

    • TG says:

      Actually, I think I may have confused you. The eMotion rollers don’t have a fork stand…. they’re rollers. However, the fore/aft motion system and “rubber-baby-buggy-bumpers” on the roller supporting the front wheel eliminate the dynamics that make traditonal fixed rollers like Krietlers a bit of a challenge to master.

      Of course, it’s the level of smooth power delivery and upper body control traditional rollers demand that allows cyclists who use them to refine their pedal stroke and ability to hold a steady line while delivering power. Not so with trainers that use a fixed rear and front wheel and, to a certain extent, not so with the eMotion rollers.

      eMotion rollers let you be as sloppy as you want (within reason), stand up out of the saddle and honk, and slam your front tire left to right with a high degree of confidence that you won’t come off the rollers and get wadded up in a door frame or rack yourself on a top tube enroute to being a pile on the floor. Note that I say this as a veteran user of fixed rollers with a set of Kritlers sitting up in the attic collecting dust. I was thinking about making a motion bed for the Kritlers with the tandem extension in place, but quickly realized that Debbie and I benefit more from using our respective stationary bikes than we’d get from riding a set of rollers on the tandem.

      Bottom Line: eMotion rollers are about the only stationary system I’ve found that fairly replicate the on-road riding experience, sans nature. Perhaps the perfect soution would be a set of eMotion rollers where the magnetic resistance and a steering sensor was integrated with the TACX VR software?

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