The Ultimate Motorcycle Accessory… J&S Motorcycle Lift

I bought our J&S Motorcycle Lift back in September in anticipation of a wheel change on our Harley-Davidson Wide Glide. While I already had a pretty good motorcycle lift that I’ve used on my Honda & BMW motorcycles for about 10 years, it just didn’t work all that well with the Harley, i.e., it lacked the stability I’d need for something like front & rear wheel swap.  So, I decided the cost of a new Harley-specific lift would be pretty cheap insurance vs. a bike drop.

Shortly after receiving the lift I did a write-up on my other blog which was basically just a first-impressions review.  You can find that blog entry HERE. Having lived with the lift for about three-months now I gotta tell you it’s proven to be a lot more useful than I thought it would be!

It made the wheel swap a no-brainer by providing a rock solid foundation for what ended up being several rear wheels swaps as I sorted out some axle and spacer compatibility issues.  However, it’s also turned out to be a huge benefit when it comes to parking the Harley in the garage and makes washing the bike a heck of a lot easier than it used to be.

As for its utility as a parking aid, I can now put the Harley up on the lift and then push it up against the storage cabinets in about 3 minutes to minimize its footprint making it easier to move bicycles in and out of the garage between the two big bikes.  Two threaded stops keep the lift from rolling until I want to move it; just as slick as can be.  For maximum non-interference I can rotate the bike 180° so the jack’s pump & lift hardware sits in a nook next to the garage wall.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Our FXDWG on the J&S and tucked out of the way during the work-week when the BMW R1100S is pressed into service as my daily commuter.

As a washing aid, when I had our house built some 22 years back I had the garage floor poured with a drain so that I could wash cars, motorcycles and bicycles indoors during the winter or just about any other time when washing them outdoors wasn’t convenient. The garage also has a wash sink, hose bib and when necessary a heater to support that year-round wash rack.  The J&S lift lets me effortlessly roll the Harley from it’s parking space in the 3rd bay over to the middle bay to get it positioned over the drain.  Once it’s there a few pumps on the lift arm raises the bike 18″ so I can easily rotate and clean the wheels and wash the bike from a workstool without being doubled-over or having to roll the bike forward and back.  It’s really quite slick.


The FXDWG up on the J&S over the floor drain in the garage for a much-needed wash in January.


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