Got Shoes? Cycling Shoes That Is…


With the temps in the low-40’s I decided to go looking in the closet for my Sidi Freeze winter cycling shoes for todays ride.  As I worked my way down the row of cycling shoes tucked under our street shoe rack in the closet I was somewhat taken aback by just how many pair of Sidi cycling shoes we’ve amassed over the years.  More remarkably, that there are only two pair in our collection that could be eliminated without leaving us “short” for different riding needs.

Kinda of scary how a hobby like cycling can create needs that no reasonable person — or at least a reasonable non-cyclist — might recognize as a need.  Well, OK… maybe not a need, but at least something that makes sense to me.

So, going from left to right for those who are curious…

  • Debbie’s Dominator 4:  road only w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Debbie’s Dominator 4:  well-worn w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Debbie’s Dominator 3:  off-road w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Debbie’s Winter Storm 3: cold & wet road or off-road w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Mark’s Winter Freeze 3:  cold & wet road w/Campy Pro-Fit cleats
  • Mark’s Dominator 3:  off-road w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Mark’s Genius 4:  road-only w/Campy Pro-Fit cleats
  • Mark’s Dominator 4:  well-worn w/Speedplay Frog cleats
  • Mark’s Dominator 6 Carbon: road only w/Speedplay Frog cleats

The well-worn shoes should probably be tossed as they’ve more than earned their keep.  Debbie’s don’t really get used anymore, but my well-worn Dominator 4s have been given a second life as my “Frankenshoes“, after having their worn-out lugged soles sawed-off and replaced with some glued & screwed-on replacement cleats.  It’s hard to part with comfy shoes and these fit me better than my Dominator 6 shoes unless I wear thick socks.

On the bright side, most of these shoes were purchased on sale or lightly used via Ebay, e.g., my Dominator 6 Carbon shoes for less than 1/2 price!  Debbie’s Dominator 5s were both bought at the same time as a clearance item a few years back for about 40% off, with one pair held in reserve for future use when the 1st pair wore-out.

sidi-Adventure_goreOh yeah, I have one other pair of Sidi’s that probably warrant some attention: my Sidi Adventure motorcycling boots.  When I see these sitting along side the cycling shoes I’m always reminded of a running joke among BMW motorcycle enthusiasts that goes something like this:

A yuppie in his BMW 320i pulls up along side a motorcycle at a stop light and notices it has a BMW roundel badge on the gas tank.  Somewhat surprised by the sight, he lowers his window, gets the attention of the rider and says, “I didn’t know BMW made motorcycles as well as cars.”  To which the rider on the motorcycle replied, “BMW makes cars?”.

Yes, they’re every bit as nice as their cycling shoes. However, pound-for-pound, they’re a MUCH better value and last 10x as long!

I could probably do an entry on cycling jerseys, but that would really be mind-blowing.  I think we’ve given away over 30 jerseys over the years and would simply guess we still have 50 or more between us.  Of course, when you belong to a cycling club you end up adding two jerseys just about each year so it’s more of a function of time than pure avarice.


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3 Responses to Got Shoes? Cycling Shoes That Is…

  1. Cheryl says:

    Tom and I have limited space. We’d never have room for all of those shoes!!

    As for jerseys, the drawer gets stuck each and every time we try to close it.
    I find it difficult to part with the jerseys because of the memories that go with each one of them.

    • TG says:

      It’s a curse and a blessing to have a large closet. In some respects it’s probably a good thing we don’t have a basement!

      I seem to recall that George Carlin had something to say about people and their stuff?

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