R&E Cycles of Seattle, WA… Why Aren’t All Shops Like This?


Dan Towle, back row & 3rd from the right. Also, our friend and Master Builder Dennis Bushnell is in the back row, 3rd from the left.

Just gotta throw out some “props” to Dan Towle and the folks at R&E Cycles up in Seattle, Washington.

For the second time in three years Dan and his crew have been Johnny on the spot for me when I needed some parts for the Bushnell eccentric on our Calfee Tetra Tandem.  As before, I dropped R&E an Email with a request for the needed replacement parts and within a few hours I was assured that the parts would be on their way… and they were.  We had them in our hot little hands in just a few days and were back to 100%.

Can-do and common-sense advise is the hallmark of R&E and as they say, “Why buy a bike when you can buy an entire bike shop”.   And, when they say an entire bike shop, they mean a real bike shop, complete with on-site frame building / machine shop, paint operations, you name it.  If you have the time, Dan has compiled a fantastic history of R&E Cycles that is a really great read: A History of R&E Cycles

eccentricFWIW, the issue with our Bushnell eccentric is unrelated to any shortcoming with the Bushnell eccentric. I believe it is related to our beloved Calfee and its eccentric shell, which is about the only weak spot we’ve found in the Calfee.  In short, the Calfee’s eccentric has always been a source of creaking.  Although I’ve been good about using a torque wrench when taking the Bushnell eccentric’s adjusting bolt up to its max torque, I’ve apparently overworked the eccentric bolt enough times that the threads on one of the adjusting wedges stripped.  No big deal if you have a spare eccentric — which I do — but not ideal since the spare was an older version with an incompatible fixing bolt. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, except that it’s kind of hard to remove a bottom bracket from the eccentric when it’s not secured in the frame. So, we had a ‘franken-eccentric’ for about a week where the clam shell halves and fixing bolt/wedges from an older Bushnell were fitted to the newer eccentric to keep us rolling.  We secured a “spare” fixing bolt & wedges so that if I strip another wedge in the future we’ll be all set.

Oh yeah, there is another shop that’s very similar to R&E… Bob Freeman & Bill Davidson’s Elliott Bay Bicycles in Seattle, Washington which is also the store front for Davidson Cycles fabrication.  What is it about Seattle????  Oh yeah, true cycling enthusiasts who put mud guards on in the winter and who hang out at their own velodrome out in Redmond.  I think it’s time for a visit!


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2 Responses to R&E Cycles of Seattle, WA… Why Aren’t All Shops Like This?

  1. Pete Templin says:

    Yep, another happy customer here. Had some problems with the stoker eccentric on our daVinci, and took it to them thinking it had a Bushnell. Nope, daVinci, which wouldn’t grip the dV frame correctly. On the fly, they were able to substitute a Shimano BB which solved some of our unique issues with a stoker power meter, and chased down an annoying ticking from the dV IDS. The poor mechanic who did the work was having some knee issues; at 6’6″ he couldn’t fit our bike (I’m 5’9″ and she’s 5’2″), so two other mechanics had to do the test rides while he took their commentary and continued to plug through the issues. (PS: TandemGeek, if you head this way, do drop us a line, and dinner at Tandem Dinner and Wine Bar is our treat!)

  2. Steve Mallinson says:

    R+E was instrumental in our education of tandeming, although we didn’t buy from them. Wonderful, caring folks over there.

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