Anatomy of a National’s Time Trial Machine: John Price’s Tiemeyer TT Tandem

John, left and Roy right collect their hardware and jerseys.

John Price from Albuquerque, NM, wrote to let us know a little bit more about his Tiemeyer Signature Time Trial Tandem, following a big win at this year’s Master’s Road National Championships held on Sept 5-9 in Bend, Oregon.  John is a reader of our blog and thought other readers might be interesting in seeing a very different kind of tandem.

Again, the back story here is that he and Roy Sturm teamed up to compete in the Men’s 110+ Tandem Time Trial, as well as the Men’s 110+ Road Race at this year’s 2012 Master’s Nationals.  In the process of collecting their stars & stripes jerseys & gold medals, they also set the lowest time for all tandems at this year’s nationals.

Note: While most of the names of other competitors aren’t household names outside of USA Cycling circles, I did note that John Slawta (Landshark Cycles) and his wife Jennifer took home the gold for the 90+ Mixed Tandem Class.

In taking a look at John Price & Roy Sturm on board John’s 8.5′ long Tiemeyer Signature Time Trial Tandem during a July event  it’s rather obvious they’ve squeezed just about every excess bit of aero drag out of their equipment.

Here’s what John shared regarding the Tiemeyer…

  • FRAME: Custom Reynolds 6061 aluminum with shortened head-tube for lower drag, an Oval Concepts ‘John Cobb’ designed fork with aft brake installation and flat-black powder-coat finish.
    • Wheelbase: 194.8cm
    • Stoker Top Tube: 99cm
    • Overall length: 8.5′, including wheels
    • Rear Spacing: 130cm
  • DRIVE TRAIN: Same-side / right-side drive using Rotor cranks with road width axles
    • Chainrings: 55 outer used for final drive, 42 inner used as timing ring
    • Gearing:  11-21
    • Wheels:  Rear is a Zipp ‘Clincher’ Powertap disc with Hed tri-spoke tubular up front.
    • Captain’s Bars: UCI-legal 3T aerobars with < 3 to 1 profile & custom VandeVelde extensions. The extensions allow an extra ‘power’ position for a climbing rolling TT course like the one use at Bend for this year’s Nationals.
    • Stoker’s Bars: Visiontech with the brake ports on the drops ground off
    • Saddles: Adamo ‘road’
    • Water Bottles: Specialized.
    • Computers: Captain and Stoker both use Garmin 500’s which give a combined watt reading along with any other desired settings.

John’s impressions:

Bike handles interestingly but very manageable with practice at speeds to 40+ mph. Top speed on a mountain decent has been 55 mph+! I tell people who ask… ‘The tail wags the dog’, as without Captain and Stoker being in complete sync, the bike is a hand-full!  Goal was to build the ultimate TT Tandem and bike more than meets my goals…

In case you were curious, John also shared a photo of his 10-year old Road Championship-winning Calfee… and I’m beginning to see a trend here.

It’s worthwhile to note that John & Roy took a shot at the Men’s 110+ 40k tandem time trial record back in July and missed breaking the current record by 4 seconds.  The 1st photo above with John & Roy aboard the Tiemeyer was taken during that attempt.

The Men’s 110+ 40k tandem time trial record was set back in 1997 by Dave Spangler and Vic Copeland aboard Dave’s one-off  Hooker Time Trial Tandem in the photo below.  According to John, the photo of Dave & Vic was taken by a friend and former teammate of John, Tom Sprose, at Moriarty, New Mexico during “Record Challenge“.  Again, as shared by John,  most of the current time trial records are set in Moriarty as it has gained a reputation for being a “blazing fast course” over the years.  Dave Spangler & Gary Hooker were the same two guys behind Hooker headers, for any old automotive gear heads who might be reading, and they also collaborated to build some amazing Tri and Time Trial bikes.  Here’s a link to an article written about 10 years ago about the Hooker bikes, Gary Hooker & Dave Spangler.


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5 Responses to Anatomy of a National’s Time Trial Machine: John Price’s Tiemeyer TT Tandem

  1. Wayne says:

    His comments about the handling make me ask: Head tube angle? Fork rake?

    • John Price says:

      Wayne, I emailed Dave Tiemeyer and he responded:
      To answer your question, the head angle is 74 degrees and with a 45 mm offset fork gives 50 mm of trail.

      • TG says:

        FWIW, that’s a little more than Santana’s target trail with 73* head tube and 55mm fork offset… and about the same as Cannondale’s based on 73* head tube with 53mm fork rake. Co-Motion’s 50mm off-set steel forks on Speedsters yield a bit more trail and as you’d expect the Co-Motion’s, Calfee’s and other “performance tandems” that use 73* head tubes with 44mm – 48mm forks are all sporting even longer steering trail.

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  3. Vic Haines says:

    I would like to go up against the tandem with my titanium tt machine at some time would be interesting.

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