Blue Moon Blues….

Ever since the Blue Moon I’ve been having more than my fair share of the blues….   What’s the deal?

Tandem Cycling, Not Enough: We continue to be sidelined from tandem cycling and cycling in general by a variety of things, which is probably the biggest contributor to my less than sunny disposition.  Cycling and exercise in general are very good for the soul.  Riding my motorcycle every day is also quite therapeutic, but in a different way and doesn’t do much for the physiological needs.

Motorists Who Kill Cyclists: I’m still very disappointed in how the Bruehler case played out, even though the outcome was as I expected. I’m not sure why the case wasn’t filed with the option to find the defendant guilty of a lesser charge of Vehicular Manslaughter or the even lesser charge of Vehicular Homicide vs. only Criminally Negligent Homicide.  Then again, I’m still at a loss for  how someone who couldn’t explain why their truck drifted off the right shoulder of of a dead flat, nearly straight road in the middle of the day wasn’t criminally negligent when in returning to the road they mowed-down a couple on a tandem bicycle?  Good grief, driving 5 mph over the speed limit is criminal behavior, why isn’t a failure to maintain control of your vehicle by keeping in within the lane of travel and avoiding obstructions?

FWIW: Criminally negligent Homicide, in Texas, is defined as:

“a person commits an offense if he causes the death of an individual by criminal negligence.”

Criminal Negligence is defined as: A person acts with criminal negligence, or is criminally negligent, with respect to circumstances surrounding his conduct, or the result of his conduct when he ought to be aware of substantial and unjustified risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of such a nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that the ordinary person would exercise under all the circumstances as viewed from the actor’s standpoint.”

No Tolerance For Drunks: We had a great time this past Saturday listening to a band with friends until a couple of inebriated idiots came onto the scene and began to bother some of our friends and other guests, at which point I discovered that the tavern didn’t have any interest in controlling patrons who they’d over served.  Even after tracking down the manager and requesting that they intervene, it was clear the unruly patrons were either acquaintances or at least known commodities so they remained and continued to do as they pleased without regard to how their actions impacted the other patrons.  Needless to say, we won’t be going back there in the future unless we learn that they’ve hired a bouncer for live performances who isn’t buddies with the local drunks.  Oh yeah, I sent the tavern a letter detailing my concerns, but I doubt I’ll hear back as I suspect the same manager who didn’t do much to manage the patrons is the same manager who receives the mail.

Fired My Honda Auto Service Center: As noted in my other blog, I took Debbie’s car in to have some service done and after being explicit in describing the condition and the needed remedy, the car came back to us with a purported clean bill of health on that issue… except that the condition hadn’t been corrected.  So, I had to send a letter explaining in clear detail to the Service Manager why his service advisor and tech’s performance have put an end to our  7-year business relationship: doubt I’ll hear back because I already told them it wouldn’t change the outcome.  So, now I’m waiting for the parts to arrive so I can do the rather simple repair that the dealer’s service tech didn’t want or know how to do. After that, I’ll start taking the car to a local independent Honda repair shop.  Labor costs will be the same, but they have a good reputation for doing only the work that needs to be done and doing it well. Moreover, the owner has the same Honda S2000 that Debbie does, which always makes a difference in how those kinds of speciality cars get treated, i.e., they truly are experts on the S2000’s.

Burned-Out on Discussion Forums & Facebook: I’ve actually grown tired of discussion forums and have pretty much stepped away from keeping up with, never mind posting to the tandem sub forum at Bike  But, then again, I’ve also grown tired of the motorcycle discussion forums and I’m pretty well burned out on the Facebook thing so you’ll forgive us if we “drop off of the grid” and go back into relative obscurity.  Getting back to tandems & tandem forums, I think the entire “helping out the tandem community” thing has now run its course given that I don’t have a business stake to justify the investment of my time in such pursuits.  Frankly, I think I’d just rather ride our tandem from here on out.

Yes, that also means this blog’s future is now hanging in the balance.


About TG

I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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5 Responses to Blue Moon Blues….

  1. Kevin Vinson says:

    Mark, you have went above and beyond when it comes to the tandem cycling community. I completely understand your thoughts regarding “Burned-Out on Discussion Forums & Facebook”. You deserve a break so you can dedicate more time to what you truly enjoy, riding your tandem and your motorcycle with Debbie. That should be priority number one! Kudos Mark! You and Debbie have a great weekend.


    The Colony, TX

  2. Robert Lee says:

    While searching for information on tandems several months ago I discovered your site and blog. Even though I am new to your site, I have enjoyed reading about your life riding two-up with Debbie and the technical info about tandems. I have read all previous posts and followed every link that you have provided.

    We seem to have a lot in common, as I am married to the love of my life, ride Harleys, and bicycles (singles). There will be a new tandem at some point in our future!

    Currently though, we are in our sixth year of providing 24/7 care for my wife’s mother who can’t walk, talk, or feed herself, so I know what you mean about burn-out. We have not been able to ride together for over 5 years now! So, I guess that I have been using your blog to escape from my “crazy world” to your tandem world and, as one of 133 followers, look forward to each new blog.

    If you are going to quit writing this blog, be sure you are quitting for the right reasons i.e.; truly burned-out from writing and lost creativity, etc. (you’ve been doing it for quite some time), and not just because of trouble with auto mechanics and drunks.

    So, for purely selfish reasons, my suggestion/request to you is; take a long break, take a big deep breath, pull up your “big-girl” panties, get over your “blue moon” blues and continue to allow us all to be part of your tandem life!

    If not, then I would like to say thanks for sharing your life, thoughts and all the information you have provided concerning tandems and the tandem community.

    Perhaps, someday, we may meet at a future tandem rally.



  3. Paul and Rachel says:

    I understand completely though am disappointed. We’ve just come back to tandeming and am really enjoying your site. Spent some time going back through previous posts which have been helpful. Very sadden on the tandem cycling traffic tragedies which has heighten our vigilance and caused us to remember life can be short so enjoy it and prioritize what is important. What ever your decision know that we look forward to maybe seeing you on the rode one of these days.

    New Friends from Lancaster Pa,
    Paul and Rachel

  4. Shirley DiLorenzo says:

    Already such good comments posted! We who are old hands at tandeming do get off the bike for a while. But sooner or later we get back on because while we can, we need to keep moving for those physical, emotional, psychological and whatever I forgot needs and benefits! As has been said life is short and sometimes way too sad. You have made life more interesting (and not just for newbies) with your insights and information and sometimes just the fun of going along with you and Debbie via your blog! Love that “big girl panties” idea, so pull ’em up and your boots, too, friend! Grab your partner and get out there and dance, ride, sip, laugh and duck if you have to or just put up your feet til you feel you want to come out and play again! Don’t give yourself deadlines, just enjoy!

    Stoker D (who is old enough to give advice to a young guy like you! See you soon, pedalling at the back but still pedalling, kid!)

  5. Deon Attard says:

    Hang in there buddy, a lot of people enjoy your blog. Its a great source of reference material for Tandem riders from all over the world. If you want to come to Australia for a holiday you have free accomodation and meals at our place!

    Sounds a bit corney but this song always helps cheer me if up things are tough:

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