Paketa D2 / D2r Travel Tandem… That’s Right, S&S Couplers

For those folks who have considered a Paketa but wanted the hassle-free ability to travel with their tandem, it looks like you can now have your cake and eat it too.  Spied on Paketa’s Facebook Page today was this freshly finished Paketa D2r tandem: basically a V2r with S&S Couplers

From their Website, a recent update that introduces the new offering.

Coming Soon!: D2 Travel Tandem with S&S Couplers

  • Lightweight travel tandem with Paketa exclusive titanium S&S Couplings
  • Preserves all performance, handling, and comfort of the V2 and V2r
  • Paketa’s exclusive V2 Race tubeset for increased stiffness and durability
  • No lateral tubes for ultralight weight and better damping
  • Optional 44/44 headtube for added stiffness and use with tapered forks or rake adjust headset
  • Optional BB30 rear bottom bracket
  • Stronger than carbon fiber and aluminum with the comfort of titanium
  • Gates Belt Drive ready
  • Super stable at high speeds
  • Small, Medium, and Large sizes fit most teams
  • 1-4 color custom paint jobs
  • Time Trial setups available


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6 Responses to Paketa D2 / D2r Travel Tandem… That’s Right, S&S Couplers

  1. Paul Majors says:

    I’m glad you like our bike. I’ll let you know final weight after we build it tonight 😉 We will be racing it at LOTOJA in a few weeks.

    • TG says:

      It looks great; glad to see that Paketa decided to work with Steve Smilanik on the couplers and begin to offer the V2/V2r with that option.

      We’ll be interested in seeing the tale of the scale and other measures of similar interest and of course riding impressions, etc.

  2. Paul Majors says:

    OK – we took it out for the first ride – WOW, that bike is great! We did 125mi for the first ride. There were three big improvements over our other steel tandem. #1 – this bike is just fast – with much less effort, it always seemed to be going faster. This played out in our average speed – we kept it moving over 20mph/ave and we are hard pressed to hit 19mph on our other tandem. Even with the head wind for the whole ride. #2 even with about a 1” longer wheel base, the Paketa handled great – fast quick turns. #3 the ride was way smooth – bumps that used to rock my loving stocker where less of a problem. She noticed a huge difference.

    I am still waiting on some final parts – so I will have a weight report when I get those.

  3. batsnapper says:

    The Paketa is one of our considerations as we seek a new tandem. Any feedback concerning team weight? They say no weight limit, but we are a 380 lb team and can be hard on components. We are not shy about taking off down rough and gravel roads. Also looking at the Calfee Tetra.

    • TG says:

      Best bet is to call and speak with the builders. These are small companies where the owner / designer is just as likely to answer the phone as anyone else. They can field your questions and help you gain a better understanding of what they can do to meet your needs and expecations.

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