Oi, Tandem Clubs Down Under… A New Aussie Resource On The Web

Received a note the other day from Barry Bailey down in Australia letting us know that they’ve stood up a new resource for tandem and visually impaired cyclists.  As noted on their Website, Tandem Bike Australia:

The Tandem Bike Australia website is dedicated to assisting all tandem riders as well as Vision Impaired Cyclists in any way it possibly can. Some resources to help you find more information have been added below, and the site will be updated as more is received or found. If you come across any websites or information that you think may help, please e-mail it via the address on the Contact Us page.

They also have a presence on Facebook under the same name that FB folks can find HERE.

Tandem Bike Australia’s website seems to provide links to tandem clubs located in various different regions across Australia much like the Tandem Club UK website, to include a consolidated calendar of events by region and a forum.

We’ll get them added to www.TheTandemLink.com in the next few days… sadly, that’s all managed on a different, 2001 vintage MacIntosh computer in my office.


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