Tandem Teams Gather in Carlisle, PA for MATES Rally

Just found a nice article in the on-line version of ‘The Sentinel” regarding this weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Tandem EnthusiastS (MATES) Rally…


Tandem bike enthusiasts to hold rally in Carlisle

By Matthew McLaughlin, Sentinel Reporter | Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:30 am | (1) Comments

More than 100 people, some from as far away as California and Ireland, are in Carlisle this weekend to enjoy Cumberland County from a unique perspective – the seats of tandem bicycles.

For the second time in less than a decade, Mid-Atlantic Tandem Enthusiasts (MATES) is holding its annual rally in Carlisle. The nonprofit group first came to the borough for its rally in 2003.

Beginning Friday and continuing through today and Sunday, the group will get to know Carlisle, Boiling Springs, Kings Gap State Park and everything in between from the multitudinous seats of their bicycles.

Why Carlisle?

Surprisingly, MATES’ Carlisle rallies would not have been possible without the now defunct House & Garden magazine.

“In 2003, Allison Spare, who lives here in Carlisle, … won a party from House & Garden magazine, and she was allowed to have a cocktail party for 100 people,” said rally organizer Kim Green of Virginia.

Having worked with Spare at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., Green was invited to the party.

“We’re always looking for venues,” she said. “I thought, man, this looks like a great place, and so that got us up here.”

“A lot of these people are world travelers,” said tandem cyclist Rich Taschler. “We prefer tandeming when we travel, as opposed to a car or bus, because you don’t see anything on a car or a bus.”

“We meet people,” he continued. “No matter where we’ve traveled, we’ve had people invite us to dinner, invite us to their homes. You really get to see the real people.”

Why tandem?

For most MATES in Carlisle this weekend, becoming involved in such a unique form of cycling was a way to avoid the pitfalls of regular bicycles with their spouses.

“A lot of the guys ride faster than the gals,” Green said. “You can’t do that on a tandem.”

“As my wife puts it, it’s cheaper than a marriage counselor,” joked tandem cyclist Bill Ryder of Maryland.

“It allows you both the ride at the same ability (and) you can talk to each other,” Green continued. “When I used to ride (regular) bikes with my husband, he would get ahead of me and then he’d have to stop and wait. As soon as I caught up, I’d be ready for a rest and he’d be ready to go on.”

Kathy Nehl, a tandem cyclist from California, had a similar experience with her husband.

“He was a single rider, and I couldn’t keep up with him,” she said. “He finally had a brainstorm that, if he wanted to ride more, he should probably get me riding with him.”

“We kind of do it because it’s something that we can share with our spouse,” added tandem cyclist Mark Cucuzella of New Jersey.

Read more: http://cumberlink.com/news/local/tandem-bike-enthusiasts-to-hold-rally-in-carlisle/article_16256364-b75d-11e1-a9a6-001a4bcf887a.html#ixzz1y3Phv14y


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2 Responses to Tandem Teams Gather in Carlisle, PA for MATES Rally

  1. Shirley DiLorenzo says:

    Sure sounds familiar! In fact, much like our story. When Richard ran, he went longer and faster than I, same when on a single bike. How lucky I am this husband of mine wanted to ride WITH me, and we began our tandem adventures in 1985.
    Shirley DiLorenzo

    • Shirley DiLorenzo says:

      Forgot to mention that Richard and Shirley DiLorenzo are from Muncie Indiana and met some terrific MATES while riding the Santana Tandem Rally in Sonoma/Napa wine country a couple of years ago.

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