Speaking of “New” Acquisitions: Check out John & Pamela’s New Seven!!!

Pamela Blaylock and John Bayley are icons in the tandem cycling community, at least to me. I’ve been reading Pamela’s writings since 1996 via Tandem@Hobbes where she continues to be a reader and contributor.  Pamela & John are quite a couple and if you’re a cycling & tandem cycling enthusiast you owe it to yourself to check out their Website & their Blog.

Photo by MJ Keeler of John & Pamela racing up Mt. Washington, hosted on the Blayley’s Website.

Anyway, a few months ago Pamela posted a “for sale” ad for their beautiful white Co-Motion Robusta, suggesting a new tandem may have been in the works. After all, avid tandem enthusiasts typically keep tandems unless they need to make room or generate some funds to off-set the acquisition of a new tandem for the stable.

Well, know we know what they were up to. They worked with Rob Vandermark and Seven Cycles to come up with an amazing, titanium tandem that can be configured as either a 700c road racing machine or a more versatile 650B touring, off-roading, just about anything you want to do with it machine.

You can read all about the bike and see photos at their Blog: http://blayleys.blogspot.com/2012/06/magic-faerie-dust.html


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