Our Triplet’s Sibling Finds A New Home… (It’s a Small World)

Our dear friends Kevin & Linda V. from the Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts (DATES) gave us a heads-up back around May 12th that one of our recently acquired Precision Triplet’s sibling triplets had just gone on the market.  Kevin & Linda are also regular readers of our blog and have been following our articles on the triplet’s progress since first making mention of acquiring it back on April 17th.

Based on discussions with Mark Johnson of Precision Tandems, there were several of these triplets made in the first production run around the same time in 2005.  There was the one we recently acquired which started-out with a silver to blue fade paint job, the white to blue face one that was now up for sale by the original owner, a blue/red/yellow one and an all-red one (see below).

The mention that Kevin & Linda provided was based on a Craigslist posting the owner wanted the DATES members to be aware of, given the triplet was located in Plano, Texas.  It was interesting to see that, like ours, it had been lightly used for the first year of ownership by the father and his two young daughters but then went unused for  a couple of years, simply gathering dust in the garage and the owner decided it was time to part ways with it.

Well, under the sub-heading of “it’s a small world”, while having breakfast at the Hilton today with our friends from Kentucky, Randy & Chris J., on the first “official” day of the Tennessee Tandem Rally, Jon & Michelle A. also from Kentucky whom we know from several Tennessee Tandem Rallies, stopped by to chat. During our chat with Jon he mentioned their lovely black Paketa with the amazing flame job now had a stable mate; a blue & white Precision triplet they just picked up on eBay!  Yup, same triplet.  The owner had apparently listed on eBay around the end of May and Jon closed the deal on June 6.  They had the bike shipped from a Plano bike shop to Kentucky by R+L Carriers and were in the process of getting the bike sorted out for their use with their young son.

What are the odds….

P.S. As you’ll read in our upcoming multi-part article on the Tennessee Tandem Rally, we continue to get a lot of use our of our triplet and are slowing but surely getting all the bugs out.  The ride and handling qualities are simply amazing. We really enjoy riding it easily as much as we do our tandem, if not more.  It truly is 3 times the fun!!!


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One Response to Our Triplet’s Sibling Finds A New Home… (It’s a Small World)

  1. Kevin Vinson says:

    Mark, you are so right about it being a small world. That is wild! Thanks for sharing this information via your blog. Linda and I just returned from 3 days of cycling in and around Ardmore, Oklahoma and the Arbuckle Mountains. Looking forward to reading your upcoming Tennessee Tandem Rally reports. Have a great week!


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