Good Grief, What A Weekend!

Not sure why, but this past weekend turned into one heck of a jam-packed fun-fest intermixed with some (but not too many) house chores….  I’ll try to be brief (yeah, right).

Friday Night:

Friday started off with a joyful return to On the Border where we met our friends David & Deb and Atlanta’s best bartender Jeff and his sidekick Matt.  Could we want for a better crew?  I think not!  While enjoying our evening with Deb & David they invited us to join them on Saturday for two different Poker Runs that would be beginning and ending at the completely remodeled “Cove” bar and grill in Dallas, Georgia, some 25-minutes from the house.  While we were looking forward to a day on the bike, we also wanted to get in some time on the tandem. So, sleeping in wasn’t going to be an option on Saturday.

Saturday; a full plate:

As usual, I was up early and used the time to take care of my weekly finances and then spent some time typing up my recollections from the previous weekend in Tennessee while waiting for Debbie to stir.

After a light breakfast and some other weekend tasks, we were ready for a quick tandem ride by about 9:00am. I was confident we could be back well before we needed to leave for the poker run and it made for a fun, fast ride.  I think we may have also had a nice tail wind on the way out, which really didn’t hit us in face until we were 2/3’s done with our ride.  Back at the house, the Calfee went back into the rafters as I turned my attention to getting the Harley reconfigured for two-up riding.

The Wide Glide is awesome in that it’s really several different bikes rolled-into one. If you never saw the video I created and host out on my purely motorcycle-related blog that shows how our bike morphs from a single-seat bar  hopper into a two-up light touring bike it’s actually pretty cool:

It’s about a 3-minute procedure to add the saddlebags, sissybar/backrest/luggage rack and swap out saddles. Adding the windscreen is another 2 minutes.  Pretty amazing.

I had just enough time to sneak in a quick trip to the car wash to get our Tennessee road trip bug and tree sap collection removed and to return a really lousy cooler that did a great job of turning ice into water in less than 10 hours.

With the Harley ready to go and the truck washed it was time for us to get ready.  Given it was a bit cooler than usual for the end of May — temps in the 60’s vs. the mid-80’s — we both wore our jacket liners to keep the chill off on our ride over to Dallas, GA, for the Cervical Cancer fund-raiser, aka, Save the Cooch!


Debbie ended up wearing her jacket all day while I opted to stuff mine in the saddle bags before the Poker Run began in earnest.  However, I neglected to put on sun screen and ended up with an interesting tan line down my forearms by the end of the day.  Sadly, Deb couldn’t make the Saturday Poker Run, but David came anyway and we had a great time. The highlight of our day was an amazing burger at the Irish Bred Pub in Douglasville, GA.  There were a couple other stops, but nothing all that exciting. On a scale of 1 – 10 I gave it about a 6.  We headed for home shortly after getting back to The Cove so that we could swap vehicles and take a trip over to Horsetown to visit with Misty, pick up a second pair of Miss Me shorts for Debbie and see if they had any denim jackets on hand, as that one piece had proven to be illusive.

Like most of our past Horsetown visits, it lasted about 2 1/2 hours and I think Debbie tried on at least a 30 different things that Misty thought she might like: she was right. There were a lot of things that we both liked!  Debbie’s like a life size Barbie doll and she and Misty have similar tastes, which makes these trips a blast.  Debbie did get her shorts, and a few other things to round out her warm-weather Horsetown collection. All she needs now is that denim jacket (Misty put in an order), a skirt that’s on special order, and then a few more wool items for her cool-weather collection and she’ll be all set.  Debbie’s actually quite frugal by nature; I just like seeing her have fun with her wardrobe.  We also got to check out Misty’s awesome new Chevy Z71 quad-cab truck before saying our goodbye’s.  Yeah, it’s a business… but doing business with folks who become fast friends is the best kind of business.

We headed home around 6:00pm and which would give us just enough time to get cleaned-up and make our way down to the Dixie Tavern for some dinner before “High Meadow Drive” — one of our favorite local bands — went on stage around 10:0o PM.  We arrived just in time to score a nice booth on the “upper deck” and settled in for some good food, great music and dancing.   Warren and Paul saw & recognized us from previous gigs and stopped by to say hello before they started their 1st set.  Trent’s vocals were amazing and, as always, his T-shirt was equally amazing: I have no idea where he finds those.  Brian struggled with some weird audio stuff, but the 2nd shift guy came in and got it sorted out and that allowed him to get into his groove. Jeremy was solid as always.   Just a great band with a great sound.  Paul did the KISS stuff while Warren worked his way through his guitar collection.  We also saw several of our friends who follow both HMD & Pretty Twisted, including Twisted’s drummer Joey and his gal pal Jesica and her friend Brittany.  Another Pretty Twisted couple, Margaret & Rick, joined us at our booth as well.  And yes, we danced a bunch!  Debbie was looking awesome in her new Ms Me shorts, a stunning new top and her Corral western boots: I’m a lucky guy!!!

We wrapped a bow around our day early on Sunday morning. I think it was about 12:30am when we headed for home.


Sunday started with some early morning chores for me while Debbie slept-in. I was able to get the back yard weeded and a few other things done before we headed out for a somewhat longer tandem ride than the one we rode on Saturday. Once again, the trick was getting in our ride, a few chores around the house while still being able to get out to The Cove by 12:30pm for the Poker Run to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 3 Day Walk. While the weather guessers said no chance of rain, we got pelted pretty good on our way to the ride and the parking lot at The Cove was pretty wet when we rolled-in around 12:30pm.

Hangin’ at Mulligans with Deb & David (Center)

The Sunday ride was a lot more enjoyable than the one on Saturday, and I guess I’d attribute that to both the group we were in as well as the stop at Mulligan’s in Marietta: easily an 8 out of 10.  It was a very cohesive group of friends that we met through Deb & David who get out and ride just about every weekend… big miles and big trips. They were awesome.  With the exception of Mulligans, all four of the other stops on the Poker Run were essentially slash-and-go stops.  We used Mulligans as a rest stop where Debbie and I split a BBQ pork sandwich.

Once we were back at The Cove our Saturday activities and morning tandem ride caught up to us and we had to bid our friends adieu; had we stayed and been a bit more fresh I’m sure the ride would have scored a 9 out of 10.   We still had the 30-minute ride  home, we were both pretty worn-out and knew we still had laundry and a few other chores left to do once we returned home.

We hit Old Towne Tavern for dinner around 6:30pm and it was a quiet evening at home after that.


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