Memorial Day Weekend at Club Fred… (Sunday)

This is the third of four parts. You can find the others here: FridaySaturdayMonday.

Somewhat like Saturday, Sunday began with an early get-up at my pre-programmed time after a somewhat restless night’s sleep.  Not sure what was up with that.  I seem to recall I ventured out while most everyone else was still asleep and resumed my on-line reading.

Smith and Claude were up next and we confirmed the plan for the day was Tim & Sharon would be doing the River Road (aka, Old Walland Highway) out-and-back route and that Brenda would be stoking on the Triplet with Debbie and me. There had been a late-breaking alternative plan floated about regarding a possible Smith & Claude / Tim & Brenda assault on one of the more challenging climbs Smith & Claude had not yet ridden BEFORE the rest of the group met for the River Road ride and trip into the National Park to either Tremont or up along the Little River.  Later in the evening Tim decided to stick with the original plan.  So, with that confirmed, Smith & Claude began to get ready for their early departure and personal-size challenge day as everyone else began to gather in the kitchen to fix breakfast.

We caravanned over to River Road’s unofficial parking lot and got the tandems & triplet all unloaded and ready to roll.  It was a pretty nice morning with mild temperatures, moderate humidity and I believe the air quality was also improved from Saturday. All-in-all, it looked to be shaping up to be another pretty good day.

Again, the plan was Linda & Eric and our triplet with yours truly, Debbie and Brenda would be joined on the ride along with river by Tim & Sharon who would likely turn-around at the bridge, giving them about an 18-mile out-and-back ride.  So, off we went…

Tim, Sharon, Brenda & Eric likely waiting for me to get the triplet ready to roll.

Finally underway with Mark, Debbie & Brenda along River Road (aka, Old Walland Highway)

Investigating some rear bottom bracket noise at “The Y” in the Smokey Mountain Nat’l Park.

It was a really good day on the triplet if you can look past three minor nits:

1. I forgot to apply some Loctite to the self-extractor cap in the new rear cranks and it subsequently fell out along with one of the two washers just after jumping on Lamar Alexander Highway.  We all heard it go, but I didn’t realize what it was until we got to “The Y” inside the park and started to investigate some rear bottom bracket noises. Putting the Loctite on the cap was on my mental to-do list; apparently it should have been on a written to-do list.

2. The aforementioned bottom bracket noise from the rear cranks was due to low torque on the fixing bolt; something that was easily fixed after the ride.  My front bottom bracket began to have sympathy pains about 1/2 way through the ride: it too was in need of a torque wrench to vanquish the creaking sounds.

3. We just couldn’t hold Eric & Linda’s rear wheel on the 1% – 2% uphill grade as we rode out along the Little River to our turn-around point at the pick nick & camping grounds.  However, the ride back down had us easily cruising along at 25 mph – 35 mph and sitting in with traffic most of the way.

We made a store stop just outside the park at our usual place and then knocked-out the last 12 miles at a pretty good clip.  As we headed back to Club Fred we learned lunch was already being readied and would be waiting for us.  We arrived back at the house about the same as Smith & Claude who had an epic morning of climbing.

Sunday afternoon as once again mostly a time to relax around the pool which culminated with yet another outstanding gourmet dinner on the deck.  Brenda had to leave as she had to work on Monday and had a 4-hour drive to get back to the Nashville, TN area.  So, for Monday’s ride the current plan at the end of Sunday was for Tim to stoke from the middle position on our triplet; yikes!  Can you really stuff a 6’2″ man between two short riders on a triplet?  Guess we’d find out.

There was another short boat trip out onto the lake and then I think it was early to bed for most of the gang.


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