Chain Lube Update

Back in February I wrote about chain maintenance and noted….

Of course, now that it’s time to break out a fresh chain I must once again wrestle with the choice of lubrication.  I’ve been using ProLink Gold (aka, ProGold) on the timing chain for the past 6 months and have been really impressed with it.  It’s not as clean as my beloved hot melt paraffin lubrication mix but with regular chain wipe downs using a terry cloth towel after every other ride it does keep the chain nicely lubed without becoming a grunge magnet.  However, if you put your hands on the chain it’s definitely going to leave you with a greasy mess, something wax doesn’t do.

So, as for right now, the Calfee is hanging it the garage without a chain as I mull over using the ProLink Gold on this new chain to see if it will deliver longer chain life at the cost of having to deal with a greasy chain.

Well, it’s been a few months and I did end up using ProLink Gold on our Calfee’s drive chain… Uggg. What a mess. While I’ve been good about wiping down the chains after each ride it’s been a fool’s errand with regard to cutting down on the grunge that is deposited on the drive chain and other parts of the bike, despite letting the lubrication dry the evening before rides.

Having been a paraffin hot-melt chain waxer for some 30-odd years, I’d forgotten just what a mess traditional lubricants can be. However, when I had to replace a flat and then do post-ride forensics on the rear wheel to establish the cause of the original flat I was quickly reminded of just how messy things get.  So, I’m not sure I have the conviction to follow-through on my plan to see if the PL Gold will deliver longer chain life or not, as I’m not sure I’m willing to trade-off a few extra miles for the added maintenance that goes with having a grunged-up drive train and rear wheel.

Of course, the real pisser is that I just finished stripping, cleaning and applying PL Gold to all three of the chains on the triplet!  Looks like I may have a paraffin wax party this week as I contemplate the switch back to the old-school lube that’s served me well for so long.


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2 Responses to Chain Lube Update

  1. Wayne Sulak says:

    Do you have a link to your wax procedures ?

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