Triplet Frame – Sneak Peek of Nearly Finished Build

After a 300-mile / 5-hour round trip to Washington, Georgia and a short visit with Hill Clarke at AirGlow, our triplet frame was back at home on Friday, May 11th for the first time in about 3 weeks.

As those who were following the blog updates on the paint job already know, the paint job is really spectacular.  It’s something of a sinister paint scheme, but that’s what we were after.  Unless there’s a lot of light, the bike looks nearly all-black, but when the sun hits it the black cherry on the back 1/3 of the frame really pops, along with the branding.

I spent a little time on Saturday and then again today cleaning up the components and rebuilding the bike, adding a variety of new components and parts along the way that I’ll detail in a future post once the build is complete. I’m still lacking a couple of water bottle cages that are on their way: thank you eBay. I’m also short a roll of handlebar tape for the 2nd stoker position, but it’s otherwise about ready to roll.  New control cables and housing all around and everything’s dialed-in.   The wheels are the conventional 36h wheelset from our Calfee that have gone unused for the past two years and that we’ll probably use next week at GTR if we get the chance to ride with one of our friends.  None of the prospective stokers are all that big so we’d come in at under 380lbs which is well within the limits of our 36h wheelset … at least for infrequent use.   The original silver wheelset looked OK, but the bike really screamed for an all-black wheelset to compliment the rest of the build so we’re investigating our options. Anyone need a nice, low-mileage set of  silver 48h White Ind / Velocity Dyad wheels for their tandem/triplet/quad/quint?

Anyway, here’s the before and then the sneak-peek after shots. Again, until we have a sunny day the real color of the frame just won’t show through.  Oh yeah, the weight of the frame didn’t change much: still about 13.5 lbs.  However, the all-up tandem is about 1.5lbs lighter than it was before the start of the project: about 46lbs with pedals, bottle cages, etc.  so about 44 lbs all told without the pedals and four featherlight Profile KK2 Karbon Lite water bottle cages is my guess. 


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2 Responses to Triplet Frame – Sneak Peek of Nearly Finished Build

  1. Kevin Vinson says:

    One word Mark. “WOW!” Linda wanted me to tell you that it also looks fast. Kudos Mark!

  2. Paul Meixner says:

    I agree with Kevin – Wow! There is a unity and consistency of design and color that was not present before. Very subtle and sophisticated. I am very much looking forward to a ride report.

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