Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (All Done, Pt4)

This is the 4th and probably last installment for the paint part of the triplet project. You can find Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE.  We’ll most likely take some photos when we take possession, but it will be assembled in short order and those photos will be part of the “assembly” update.

Anyway,  as these latest photos of the triplet trickled out from Hall at AirGlow spectacular comes to mind, and I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice.  Just looking at the size of this frame I can see why Hall said, “I’m pretty sure the frame grew as I was painting it.”  That’s a lot of surface area to strip, prep, prime, paint, wet sand, wipe-down, paint, wet sand, wipe down, stencil, wet sand, wipe down and then clear-coat…  especially when you realize that even just the six main tubes a triplet has in common with a single bike are all massively oversized compared to your average single frame. This frame has at least an additional 14 linear feet of tubing, all of which is oversized.  What a job and what a result!

I kinda wish we weren’t tied up for the next week, as I’m dying to go and put my eyes on the real thing.  Of course, I’m guessing that the frame will benefit from as much curing time as possible since it was too large to fit into the drying oven that Hall (and just about every other frame painter) uses.  A friend of ours with a triplet who had some paint work done by Mary Pfieffer up in Clemson, South Carolina a few years back when Mary was still building & painting.  She shared that she got lucky with his frame since only the front end and rear triangle needed paint, as she was able to stick each end into the partially closed oven one end at a time!  The point being, handing off a tandem and especially something like an extra-long triplet — never mind a quad or a quint — to a bicycle frame painter isn’t anything but a no-brainer.

We remain in awe of Hall’s talent and artistic style… everything just looks amazing, right down to the typeface and placement of the “P” on each seattube and the headtube: note in the very last photo of this series how the headtube and first two seattubes have black cherry P’s, whereas the last seat tube has a black on black cherry P’.  Now that’s attention to detail!!  No decals here….


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3 Responses to Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (All Done, Pt4)

  1. Kevin Vinson says:

    Mark, congratulations to you and Debbie on this new addition to the family. The refinished frame is gorgeous. After reading your blog on the Alabama Tandem Weekend, I was not surprised to see you invested in a triplet. I think it’s great. Thanks for sharing the “Triplet Project” with all of us. Enjoy!

    Kevin & Linda

    • TG says:

      Thanks Kevin. We look at it as a long-term ownership thing where we’ll hope to have a chance to use it at a couple rallies each year and perhaps with the grandkids. Of course, I’ll have to figure out how to install kiddie cranks without destroying the paint on the seattubes; that could prove to be a challenge. Oh well, it’s only paint.

      We’ll also make it available to others who might want to give it a go. I’m clearly at the small-end of the size range for captains and have the stem needed to accommodate up to a 6’1″ captain, so it should be very flexible.

      • Kevin Vinson says:

        You’re welcome Mark! I have no doubt that you and Debbie will get plenty of use out of the triplet. As for the kiddie cranks, I know how articulate you are with your “toys” so I see you taking all precautions necessary to install the kiddie cranks without scratching that beautiful frame.

        I’m sure you will have some takers on your kind offer of making it available to others as well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures in the future. On another note, Linda and I met Laura & Duncan McCabe this past weekend at the SWTR in Kerrville. They are such a nice couple. They had their touring tandem since they flew into Austin and then rode from Austin to Fredericksburg and then onto Kerrville. They were going to be making their way back to North Carolina on Wednesday.

        One final note. Linda announced the location of the 2013 SWTR this past weekend. DATES will be hosting the 2013 SWTR in Palestine, TX the weekend of April 26th. The official website is:

        Again, thank you for your blog, it’s great reading. Give our regards to Debbie!

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