Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (Sneak Peek, Pt3)

This is the 3rd of who knows how many parts there might be to this triplet project. You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Hall Clarke just sent yet another teaser photo of the frame and it’s pure bike-porn.  I’m not quite sure where exactly it is in the paint process, but it’s definitely looking really, REALLY spectacular.  Mind you, this is just the same head tube junction that we’ve been featuring in a lot of the progress photos since it’s the best benchmark for just how much of a metamorphosis the frame has gone through in the past week.

Again, let me remind y’all of where this baby’s been….

Again, I’m not exactly sure where in the paint process Hall is. This appears to be the black basecoat covered by the pearl, so there may be yet another clear coat to go after the Precision branding is stenciled-on to the downtube and head / seat tubes.

Yes, the anticipation is killing us too….  I feel like a 21-year at his first strip-show; I just can’t wait to see everything!


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3 Responses to Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (Sneak Peek, Pt3)

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  2. Paul Meixner says:

    How exciting, Mark. I’m glad you are transforming it to suit your needs. Too bad the original metalwork and painting was so poor. It looked ok in the “for sale” photos. Hope the utimate sale price reflected the condition.

    No doubt you will obtain a snazzier transport solution. Atoc triplet rack?

    We have sold our own triplet (thanks for the previous plug) to a nice family in New England.

    • TG says:

      There was technically nothing wrong with the tandem as it sat when I took possession. It was simply a paint job that, IMHO, could and should have been a bit better given the original price point… at least to my eye. The welds were just one of those things where having the bike repainted presented an opportunity to have them “cleaned-up”. But, then again, I’m pretty anal about paint finishes, etc. Real cyclists and your average tandem buyer might not ever notice the things that I noticed and would have probably been quite happy with the frame as is, which was true of the orginal owner.

      I’m simply grateful that we had the opportunity to acquire what is a very well-designed, robust and lightweight triplet for a very reasonable price.

      I’m simply putting icing on that cake… because, well, I’m just spoiled-rotten by the paint jobs on our Ericksons. Kind of reminds me why I didn’t have our Calfee painted!!!

      As for transport, I’m going on the cheap. I’ve got an attic full of Yakima hardware and will be using a front crossbar with QTowers, some old skewer mounts that I modified for use with tandems on Debbie’s old 4Runner. For the rear wheel, I’m experimenting with a pair of SeaSucker Vacuum-Mount mounts vs. drilling holes in our A.R.E. camper shell and installing flat track mounts with roof hardware that would be time-consuming to install and remove. My plan is to only have the roof funiture on our Tundra when we’re actually carrying bikes. More info / photos to follow once we have the whole thing ready to go.

      Good to hear that you found a new home for your triplet and always good to hear from you!

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