Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (Ready for Paint, Pt2)

This is the 2nd of who knows how many parts there might be to this triplet project. You can find Part 1 HERE.

Well, the paint job is clicking right along now.  Last evening Hall sent over a couple more photos, including one that depicted the black cherry test pearl swatches for us to approve.  As noted in his Email, the photos didn’t do the actual colors justice but even so, it looked awesome!  So, we eagerly and enthusiastically gave Hall the thumbs-up to press ahead with applying the black cherry color to the back 1/3 of the frame and for the branding stencils.

As you can see from the second set of photos, the black base coat has been wet sanded and looks ready for the black cherry pearl.

It’s also worth being reminded of what that headtube junction looked like before Hall went to work on it.  Just an amazing transformation. There was a little temptation to have some of the same fillet work done on the other large weld where the 2nd internal tube is mitered into the top tube and captain’s seatpost, but that could have been a slippery slope and, frankly, those welds didn’t look all that bad.  It was just the head tube that caught my attention and that I’d have to look at all the time that I needed to address. Moreover, I suspect the black color will also make the internal tube miter welds look a little less obvious and there really wasn’t a practical way to make all of the welds look like fillets or a good reason to do so.

In other news, parts for the triplet transformation continue to arrive daily. The new stoker drop-bars and Cane Creek stoker rests that will replace the bullhorn bars came in yesterday along with the Fizik bar tape for all three bars. A correct length/rise captain’s stem is in the works as are two new black stoker stems, new black Thomson seatposts & seat post collars and a slightly wider range cassette.  I’ve been struggling to find 170mm FSA Gossamer front tandem cranks, as I’m not sure they exist. 172.5mm and 175mm seem to be available, and there are of course the SL-K Carbon front cranks out there with the 2nd Gen MegaEXO BB’s for $200.  I’d actually thought I’d figured out a work-around by using a set of standard, single-bike 170mm FSA Gossamer cranks; however, turns out that FSA’s rear cranks only use a 127mm axle whereas the front tandem cranks use 132mm axles: doh!  So, we may simply give the somewhat longish 172.5mm cranks for Debbie and 175mm cranks for me to see how much of an impact it has vs. the 170mm cranks we both use on all of our bikes. This is why I LOVE the daVinci cranks we’ve got on our other 3 tandems, even with their old-school square taper spindles.  It’s just a no brainer when spec’ing what length cranks you want where and axle length can be pretty much anything you want with Phil Wood’s BB selection.

More to follow as the project continues.


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3 Responses to Triplet Frame Pays a Visit To AirGlow (Ready for Paint, Pt2)

  1. Dave says:

    I enjoy reading your articles and especially this build you are doing now on the triple.


  2. Nathan says:

    170mm Gossamer tandem cranks do exist, I found one on ebay last year for less than $100.

    • TG says:

      Mega EXO front or ISIS front?

      The reason I ask is, I’ve been able to find ISIS style Gossamer 170mm fronts, but not the Mega EXO.

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