Hey, We Actually Had Nice Weather For A Change!!!

Even though we had a mild winter, it seems like the weekends were always the coldest days of the week and/or when the rains decided to fall.  Not so this past weekend. Well, OK, it was still a bit too chilly and windy for my sweetheart’s druthers, but she was a trooper and braved the mid-morning weather with the understanding it would warm-up during our rides.

Our ride plans were pretty straight forward; we just needed to pre-ride the two different loops we planned to use for next weekend’s Georgia Tandem Club (aka, PEACHES) ride.  Saturday we’d do the 22-mile loop and on Sunday we’d do the 33-mile loop.

Of course, our ability to remain focused on training is non-existent these days.  As regular readers would expect, Friday night found us enjoying adult beverages, southwestern eats and our friends over at On The Border. Amazingly, we didn’t go out to listen to a band after dinner and headed for home instead.  In my heart and soul, I wanted to simply run to the house, pack some bags, and head to Key West with my sweetie and our friends.  However, the weather ain’t that great just yet and with only two days to play with, hardly a practical adventure. So, we’re thinking about heading to the panhandle in a couple of weeks when we can stretch a 3-day weekend into a 4-day adventure.  Key West will still have to wait.

Anyway, back in reality-land, we both got a pretty good night’s sleep, given I conked-out around 9:00pm and was up around 5:00am on Saturday morning. Debbie only lasted a little longer than I did, but was also up early. Our plan for the day was to knock-out the tandem ride before lunch, and then head out on the big bikes with Dave & Deb, but before doing that I had to go and see if I could remember how to load the tandem into the truck: it’d been a long time since we went anywhere to ride vs. riding from the house.   Thankfully, it all came back rather quickly and we were out of the driveway by 8:45am right on schedule and were at the parking lot in front of Olde Towne Tavern & Grille within 12 minutes.   As noted earlier, the wind was howling when we got out of the truck and Debbie dove right back into the cab to wait while I put the tandem together and got it ready to ride.  When summoned, she emerged from the truck, jumped on the bike, muttered an expletive about the weather (at least it was sunny with nary a cloud in the sky), and off we went.

All-in-all, it was a pretty nice route.  A little bit of traffic along a couple stretches, but that’s hard to avoid when you’re trying to come and go from a restaurant and tie-in a few stores along the route where folks can take a quick bio-break or grab some calories on an early season ride.  We clearly didn’t set any land-speed records, but were pleased that we ended feeling pretty fresh.

Our afternoon plans for a big bike ride on the Harley kinda fell apart when one of our friends was a bit under the weather, so we opted to spend the afternoon doing some much-needed yard work.  Man, we had a lot of leaves hiding under those trees and shrubs:  I was feeding leaves and sticks into the shredder for a solid 3.5 hours!  5:00pm couldn’t come fast enough…  5:00pm being the appointed time for getting cleaned up for dinner at Olde Towne!  As we tidied ourselves up our friends called to let us know they’d be joining us for dinner at Olde Towne, so that was a neat treat.  Of course, this also meant that any chances we’d get home early were clearly going out the window.

Well, we had one heck of a fun night… as usual.  It’s hard not to have fun with David & Deb, as David truly is my brother from another mother… and the two Debbie’s get along just as well.   After falling off the wagon at Olde Towne (I typically do soft drinks on Saturdays) and having a good time during dinner, the conversation turned towards a basic question for a Saturday night: “I wonder who’s playing where tonight”?  David pushed back a little on Deb, noting he REALLY wanted to get out for a motorcycle ride on Sunday and was afraid she’d end up feeling a bit under the weather if we went out and painted the town red.  Well, temptation won out and we headed off to the Phoenix Bar in Hiram some 16-miles away where some band called “FUGM” was playing.  They were a good band, but the chemistry just wasn’t happening at the Phoenix. So, Deb texted our friend and the drummer for ‘Pretty Twisted’ to find out what they were doing. Well, son-of-a-gun, the party was on over at Dixie Tavern in Marietta, so that’s where we headed next: another 18.5-mile drive with a stop along the way to drop-off David & Deb’s truck at their house.  The local band High Meadow Drive (HMD) actually had the gig at Dixie tavern, but half of the Pretty Twisted nation, the aforementioned drummer Joey and lead singer Jody were all on hand and having a great time. We danced the night away, met some more great folks and didn’t find our way home until around 1:00am, as best as I can recall.  Oh yeah, Sunday’s ride was going to be special….

Amazingly, we were both up early again… really early since we had to move the clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings. But, despite our previous night’s adventures, we made it out of the house by 9:15am and had a pretty-good 32-mile ride.  Again, there were a couple of busy sections where we’ll need to remind our friends to NOT be Gutter Bunnies. Here in Georgia, you want to force the cars to yield and go around on two-lane roads.  If you hug the fog line, the motorists will NOT move out of the traffic lane when they pass and will invariably come close to brushing you with their passenger side mirrors as they whiz by.  But, it comes with the territory.

Again, we both liked the routes, but clearly weren’t firing on all cylinders on Sunday.  We were glad to be done with the ride and looking forward to whatever the rest of the day might bring… even if it was just a little bit of down time.

Bottom Line:  Assuming the weather cooperates, we should have a nice ride next Sunday.  Now, if we can just find a way to say NO to heading out to hear Pretty Twisted at Jimmy Mac’s on St. Patrick’s Day!


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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3 Responses to Hey, We Actually Had Nice Weather For A Change!!!

  1. jay alberts says:

    great blog. quick question, i have a co-motion triplet that i ride w the kids. any thoughts on the possibility of going with a di2 set-up on the triplet? realizing of course we would most likely go with a compact double and a 12-25 or so.

    • TG says:

      Hey Jay:

      Good to hear from you.

      If anyone knows if it truly can be done with existing wire harnesses, it would probably be Steve Leese / Bill McCready at Santana (info@santanatandem.com). Craig Calfee (Craig@CalfeeDesign.com) might also know as he’s been doing all kinds of interesting things with Di2. Mark Johnson at Precision Tandems in Kansas (info2007@precisiontandems.com) may also have some insight given that he’s something of a multi-seat tandem specialist and may have already had to field questions from triplet/quad/quint buyers.

      In theory it should work with the stock Di2 if you can get a signal wire that’s long enough to reach from your bars to the front derailleur and if you don’t need really short gearing.

      For anyone who needs to do serious climbing, the challenge becomes the need to use a wide-range rear cassette (not always desirable) mated to a K-Edge Ki2 rear derailleur ($$) with a compact double. It makes for a VERY expensive transmission, but it’s a pretty slick set-up from all accounts. Bill & Jan were riding a Santana Beyond with the Ki2 rear derailleur ‘mod’ when we did our test ride on a second Beyond last May in Chattanooga. I think he was using a 34t or 36t cassette whereas we were limited to a 32t.

      • jay alberts says:

        thanks for the info. i will ping craig. we mostly ride in ohio and ragbrai so we should be pretty good. it will force my kids to get stronger overtime to compensate for my aging.

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