West Coast Bike Shows & Co-Motion’s Making The Rounds

Yes, I still read the postings to Tandem@Hobbes…  and now and again I’ll be moved to either comment or perhaps even share something when someone asks. But, sadly, just don’t spend a lot of time posting there or even at Bike Forums these days.  I figure with as much stuff as I’ve posted buried in the archives, there’s not much else to offer.

However, every once in a while I will learn something that I wouldn’t otherwise discover anywhere else as was the case with Dwan’s invite to intercept the merry folks from Co-Motion during March as they make the West Coast Bike Show circuit.  This was his posting and below it is the info from their blog.  Oh, to live in the PNW…

Just wanted to send out a quick note and invite one and all to come and say hello at one of three shows which are coming up shortly. We will be at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show in Sacramento, March 2-4, then the Seattle Bike Expo, March 10 & 11, and the Portland Bike Show, March 24 & 25. An exquisite selection of our bicycles will be shown at each of these, of course. We hope to see you there! More info on the bike shows 


Come and see us in Sacramento for the 2012 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. In addition to all kinds of delicious Co-Motion bikes, you’ll see some incredible work from many of the world’s best bicycle frame builders.

NAHBS Website

The very next weekend, we’ll be exhibiting a beautiful selection of bicycles in Seattle at Cascade Bicycle Club’s annual Seattle Bicycle Expo.  CSC puts on a superb weekend of entertaining seminars, food vendors, and of course bicycle displays from small builders to the major bicycle brand names. The setting at Smith Cove Pier is superb. Seattle Bike Expo

Two weeks later, we’ll be exhibiting our fine wares at Pedal Nation Events’ growing Portland Bike Show. Pedal Nation does a fantastic job and is earning a larger audience each year by bringing in entertaining speakers and fun things to do and see. We’ll bring the good stuff, so don’t miss this one!  Portland Bike Show





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