Shaping Up To Be Another Great Weekend…

Well, we’re halfway through the weekend and it’s been a good one!

Jonathan Warner (bass), Roger Strauss (guitar), Gene Carasick (drums), Donnie Fox (guitar) and Diane Radin Rabson (keyboards) of Exodus.

We did The Georgia Rib Company thing last Saturday night and were pleasantly surprised to see and spend the evening with quite a few of our tandem cycling friends. It was great fun catching up with folks whom we hadn’t seen since November and talking about our rally plans for 2012, etc. Roger and their band had a good time and played the mother of all sets when they decided to skip the break.

Thursday night we headed over to the Wild Wing Cafe to support our favorite local cover band, Pretty Twisted. The came on at 10:00 PM so we showed-up around 9:30 so we could secure a table to enjoy the show.  As always, Jody, Doug, Tyler and Joey put on a great show and wowed the folks in the bar who had never seen them before.  We have it on good authority that Wild Wing has already signed-up Pretty Twisted for several 2012 play dates based on their performance Thursday night: good call Wild Wing!  Another video sampling from back in November when they rocked Sidelines with this Lenny Kravitz song, Are You Gonna Go My Way.

It was also Tyler Porch’s 16th birthday: hard to believe someone who plays as well as Tyler is only 16 and has only been playing since he was 11.  Check out his YouTube Channel for more amazing music.

Friday was actually a pretty good day for me. Did a little work from home in the AM and then knocked out several different projects around the house, some of which were mentioned in my other blog, and then got in a nice 25 mile ride from the house.  However, come 6:00 PM we were back at On The Border for our Friday night ritual with our friends Deb & David and the guys behind the bar, Jeff & Matt.  It was a great time and somewhere along the line we made mention that we went to see Pretty Twisted the night before and had heard from Jody East via Facebook they were going to be playing over at the Phoenix Bar in Hiram starting around 9:00 PM.  Hmmm.  Anyone up for an impromptu night out at the Phoenix Bar?  Well, that’s what we did. We followed David & Deb home so they could drop off their car and then car pooled over to Hiram.  Jody was quite surprised to see us yet again and thrilled to see Deb and Dave. We took a seat at the band’s table and had a great time. The band was really on, the place was packed by 10:00 PM and best of all, they had a large dance floor!!!  We had a great time and Pretty Twisted now has a year-long contract with the Phoenix Bar!  That’s great news as we really liked the place and it’s easy to get there.

I was up early today doing some blog updates and was pleasantly surprised to find my new Multifunction Box for the damaged side case on my BMW arrived in the mail. So, the BMW is all back together again.  After that we headed out for 25 mile ride on the tandem and actually had a pretty good ride.  Average speeds are still creeping back up a bit, although well off of where they should be.  The chains were squeaking a bit on the harder climbs and sprints so they’ll get a hot melt wax bath tomorrow.  I think it’s also time for some new cable housing in addition to the annual derailleur cable change-out.  Other than that, the Calfee continues to perform flawlessly.  I was kinda hoping we’d have damp roads so we could take out our mud guard-equiped Erickson just to remind ourselves of how spoiled we are with the Calfee.  Maybe tomorrow….

Tonight we’ll probably head over to our usual Saturday night spot, Olde Towne Tavern.  I saw probably only because they’ve now got a duo playing live music in the bar for Feb & March and we kinda like the normal sports bar ambiance  that comes from the din of all the TVs, a little classic rock muzak in the background, and the regular bar din.  We’ll see how that goes…

Tomorrow will hopefully give us good enough weather for a tandem ride and then our plan is to meet up with our friends Deb & Dave at one of the sports bars for the 1st half of the Super Bowl.

Again, a pretty good weekend.  However, as much fun as we’re having we’re really looking forward to warmer weather and more cycling events and rallies.  There was a time when we used to get out with friends and do a tandem ride every weekend all winter long. We miss those days, but life has a way of consuming people’s time so cest la vie.

The plan is to keep riding through spring as often as possible, on the road or on the rollers.  We’re also looking forward to another gathering of our tandem friends next Saturday for a dinner event and then a motorcycle group ride from Earl Small’s on Sunday.


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