The Outspoken Cyclist: That Great Intro Music & More Favorite Interviews…

It’s been nearly 5 months since my last installment of my “favorite interviews” from Diane Lees’ weekly show on WJCU, The Outspoken Cyclist, so I figured an update was new.  As a reminder, Diane is a long-time friend as well as the producer and host of the Outspoken Cyclist on WJCU in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her program airs every Saturday evening at 5:30 and you can download shows after the fact from either the WJCU – Outspoken Cyclist webpage or at the iTunes Store.

However, before providing my latest compendium of “must listen-to shows” I feel compelled to share a link to the complete version of John Lee Hooker’s song “The Healer” that Diane uses as bumper music for her show.  Despite having listened to the bumper more times than I can count, I’m still mesmerized by the rhythm section and flute intro. Oh  yeah, and that guy Carlos is pretty good on the guitar.

As in my previous updates, the interviews I’ve listed here (with descriptions by sound engineer Greg Priddy) are simply the ones I found to be the most interesting, which is not to say the others weren’t uninteresting… as that’s not the case.  In fact, all of the interviews have been interesting and informative but we all have our biases and preferences and I’m a geek, so the bike industry ones resonate with me more so than any others.

So, that said, if you’re looking for something to listen to on your iPod or MP3 player while traveling or cutting the lawn, these might do the trick….
  • Jim Ochowicz, BMW Racing –  11/05/2011: Our first guest is none other than Jim Ochowicz, cyclist, speed skater, former manager of Team 7-Eleven, and current manager of BMC Racing (you know, Cadel Evans’ team). Jim, or “Och” as he’s known was the catalyst for the first U.S. pro cycling team to have success racing in Europe, and his new book, Team 7-Eleven: How an Unsung Band of American Cyclists Took on the World – and Won has just been released. Jim joins us from Palo Alto, California to talk about how he moved from the road to the ice and back to cycling as a team manager. Play in new window | Download
  • Ron Burzese,; Bina Bilenky, BCW & Maynard Hershon – 10/29/2011:  We have three guests who are simply wonderful people, each with a great story to tell. Ron Burzese is a competitive cyclist who has raced in numerous Texas state championships, a world championship, and nearly qualified for the Athens Paralympics. And he achieved all this without eyesight! Ron is a blind tandem stoker who works as a certified travel instructor for other blind people. Along with a few other like-minded people, Ron started the U.S. Blind Cycling Connection a little less than two years ago. helps connect sighted captains with vision-impaired stokers, and opens up a whole new world for folks whose legs and lungs refuse to to obey the limits of their eyes. We have a short, but fun conversation wth Bina Bilenky, who’s the organizer of the Philly Bike Expo, which is happening this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And to wrap up the hour is Maynard Hershon who will bring us an amazing story that also happens to be 100% true. Not to be missed!  Play in new window | Download
  • Tom Kellogg, Spectrum Cycles – 8/6/2011:  Tom has raced motorcycles, still races bicycles, and has been a frame builder since 1976, building and designing under his own name, as well as Ross, Merlin, and now Spectrum Cycles. We’re delighted to have Tom on The Outspoken Cyclist this week; we think you’ll be entertained, informed, and inspired. Be sure to stay with us during the second half of the hour for a discussion on high speed bike shimmy. Play in new window | Download

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One Response to The Outspoken Cyclist: That Great Intro Music & More Favorite Interviews…

  1. Oh, you really got us going, Mark!!!!…not on our new CoMotion tandem but on SANTANA…but as in the music of…! Just got our new ABRAXAS CD and loving it! Passed up the Hooker in favor of this…it was hard to choose. So here we are at home enjoying the “new” sounds at our own happy hour. Hard to sit still but heck, we can’t ride as it’s snowing all day FINALLY on Dec.27…Thanks for sharing the music. It cheered up a cloudy, dark Indiana afternoon!!
    Stoker D.
    Muncie, IN

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