Time to Plan Those Tours!!! New Zealand? A River Cruise in Europe? Other Opportunities?

No, not this year for us…

BUT, if we had a few extra bucks in our pockets and could take off enough time we’d definitely be heading down under with Mel & Barbara Kornbluh from Tandems East for the 2012 New Zealand Tour.  They offer this tour every other year or so and from all accounts by friends who have gone, it’s an amazing three-week trip. Given that it’s three-weeks long, the cost per person is also very reasonable as far for a commercial tour. On a cost per day basis, that’s hard to beat.

And, if we happened to win the lottery, we’d also be heading off to Prague to meet up with Bill & Jan McCready for Santana’s 2012 Danube River Tour.  While Santana’s tours aren’t inexpensive, they have a very special appeal to folks who have the resources to book Santana tours year after year.  You’ll also these “regulars” on most all Santana tours who make for great company since they know the flow of the events and how to get the most out of them.

If neither of these fits your schedule or budget, there are a couple other tandem folks who offer tours of different lengths, locations and price points that are worth checking out:

Our friends Rich Wolf & Ina Thompson at Pennywise Cycle Tours continue to offer at least one tour a year that’s about as good as they get for both the experience and value.

Rob Templin’s Second Summer Tours offers their Maui tour every winter along with tours of the Andes, New Zealand, Oregon & California spread throughout the spring and fall.

Another long-time friend and tandem cycling impresarios Rich Shapiro & Lindy Ellis of Gear-to-Go Tandems continue to offer a couple of intimate (10 couples) tandem tours as well as a tandem rally each summer near their home in upstate New York.

And, for anyone who’s really looking to tour the epic tandem locales in Europe with a zest for challenging rides, there’s always Erickson Cycle Tours. Glenn & Nancy Erickson are offering 7 tours this season, suited for intermediate to strong cyclists and tandem teams.


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2 Responses to Time to Plan Those Tours!!! New Zealand? A River Cruise in Europe? Other Opportunities?

  1. Steve says:

    Glenn Erickson is not only offering cycling tours, but according to this article:


    R+E is teaming up with Glenn to offer Erickson Custom bicycles in 2012.

    • TG says:

      Thanks for sharing that. It will definitely merit a new blog entry!!!

      The announcement fits-in nicely with a lot of the behind the scenes history over the past few years. Good to see the brand re-united with R&E and it will be interesting to see what Glenn’s designs look like having come full circle to the shop he started. We’ve held onto our ’98 Erickson tandem and I still have it’s near-twin Erickson single frameset hanging in storage.

      Also gotta hand it to Dan, as he’s done an amazing job growing R&E organically and through the acquision of some iconic brands.

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