Bicycle Quarterly… Always Worth the Wait

Received my Autumn 2011 edition of BQ today: woohoo!

Probably 60 pages worth of insightful and interesting content I can’t wait to work my way through.  However, what I was immediately drawn to was the BV review of a Calfee Adventure.

You can always tell when Jan Heine really likes a bike he’s reviewed, as the review tends to morph into something more than a bicycle review and such was the case with the Calfee.  Jan apparently spent quite a bit of time on the Calfee and accounts of those rides — with rich details about the rides… not the bike — seem to suggest that there wasn’t much about the Calfee that demanded or took his attention away from the ride.

Jan’s ‘Conclusion’ & Mark Vande Kamp’s sidebar on the Calfee pretty well sum up what we’ve found to be true with our Calfee single and tandem bikes:  they’re bikes that bring out the best in you even when you’re having a bad day and you just want to ride them all the time.  As very nice as our other bikes are, the desire to ride them vs. the Calfee’s is just not there.

Her Luna Pro, His Tetra Pro & Our Custom Tetra Travel Tandem



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3 Responses to Bicycle Quarterly… Always Worth the Wait

  1. Christian Bratina says:

    I confess, I also read BQ cover to cover. However, I was shocked, appalled at Jan’s report of a virtual ride on the Calfee.

    • TG says:

      A virtual ride? What am I missing…??? I vaguely recall something he wrote a while back about carbon frames and such, but thought that the ride he described in his August 11 review of the Adventure was a first hand account. Was it not? Admittedly, I was tired when I read the article last night so perhaps I need to go back and re-read it.

      FWIW: Calfee now has Jan’s ‘Conclusions’ on their Website page for the Adventure:

      “I really did not expect to fall in love with a carbon-fiber racing bike, but I liked the bike so much that I used it for cross-town rides, even if it meant carrying a messenger bag. As more and more research finds that wider tires offer not only better comfort and safety, but also better performance, I consider the Calfee Adventure the racing bike of the future. It combines the clearance for wide tires and fenders with the light weight and performance of the best modern racing bikes. For racing, weekend rides or supported events, the Calfee’s exhilarating speed is on par with the best bike I have ridden. Perhaps even more important, the bike felt good at all speeds and effort levels. With its quality construction and assembly, the Calfee was a bike that always felt on my side, ready to bring out the best in the rider.”

      Jan Heine, editor, Bicycle Quarterly, Vol. 10 No. 1 Autumn 2011

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