5th Annual Col. Allensworth Century, Oct 8th – Smokin’ Stoker Discount!!

WHAT: 5th Annual Colonel Allensworth Century & Funride

WHEN: Saturday, October 8, 2011 @ 7:00 am

WHERE: Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Allensworth, CA Tulare County (Between Bakersfield & Fresno, west of the 99 Fwy on CA hwy 43)

WEB SITE: www.crankintimecycling.com


OK, here’s the scoop.  Got a nice note from Thomas Ward, Ride Director for the 2011 Col. Allensworth Century & Fun Ride. Thomas wants more teams to experience what he believes is a great tandem ride in central California and is willing to offer a special ‘Smokin’ Stoker Discount‘ to make the event as ‘tandem friendly‘ to the wallet as the terrain.

If you’re interested, drop Thomas an Email, since you won’t find any information on the discount on the Web site or at the registration page.  This is truly an insider’s special deal for the tandem community and we think it’s great!

Email: info@crankintimecycling.com


A little more information:

As Thomas did what all ride directors do — figure out how to make their event better and draw more riders — he started looking at the ride from a tandem perspective and dropped us a note to see what we thought.  As always, the question’s we ask folks who want to attract tandems to events are, (1) what makes your event tandem friendly and (2) is there any special registration fee for tandem teams?   Thomas shared that he thought couples would enjoy spending time in the park and town after the ride and noted the routes and scenery are perfect for the tandem set: Long country roads with little to no traffic. Gradual climbs and sweet down hills. One downhill is like 20-23 miles!  As for the 2nd question, he didn’t even hesitate before offering up a tandem discount.

Again, a lot more information can be found on the Crankintime Website.

Disclaimer: Like many of the tandem events we list on TheTandemLink.com’s tandem rally calendar, we’ve not participated in this ride in the past, so we can’t comment or endorse the event beyond sharing what the organizers have offered as an event description.  We also have no affiliation with the event or it’s organizers.


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