Used Tandem Market Offers Up Some Nice Hardware….

Perhaps my memory is failing a bit, but I can’t recall an August where previously owned tandems looking for new homes seemed to be coming out of the woodwork. Last week it was Henry Abel’s Co-Motion Macchiato that went on the block, this week has seen three more high-end tandems hitting the blocks, and all of them are highly desirable and come in three different flavors: Road Racing, Off-Road Racing & Road Triplet (with couplers!).

  • Road Racing / Performance: New 5.5 lb 2010 Paketa V2 tandem frame only, “Deep Purple”, size Medium / Small being offered up for $4,000, significantly less than the $5,875 MSRP. Send Email for more information & photos.
  • Off-Road Racing / Trail Riding: Previously ridden / raced Ventana El Conquistador de Montanas, Grinch Green, Size 17/16 being offered up with an asking price of $4,400 noting it’s just been refreshed with a new component build for racing.  Send Email for more information; photos HERE. (SOLD)

  • Road Triplet: Seasoned Co-Motion Triplet with S&S couplers stored since 2007, blue in color and sized for smaller teams with 10-speed drive train and all of the good-stuff for triplets being offered at $6,500.  Includes two backpack cases for travel / shipping. Send Email for more information; photos HERE.
Again, these just caught my attention and seemed to warrant some additional exposure, if only to make sure they are snapped up before I start scratching my chin and reaching for the checkbook.  The Paketa is a bit too large, but that Co-Motion triplet is very tempting.

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6 Responses to Used Tandem Market Offers Up Some Nice Hardware….

  1. David Hunter says:

    The grandkids want you to get the triplet (and a stokid kit).

    • TG says:

      That is the temptation, but reality suggests it would rarely be used with the grandkids… or anyone else for that matter. And, well, there’s the issue of being a bit cash-strapped after the H-D acquisition.

      • Kevin Morrison says:

        Thanks for posting our triplet on your blog! I’ve already gotten inquiries from folks seeing it here. We’ve also got a stokid kit and 2 pairs of child-size SPD shoes that might be useful to a buyer.

  2. Dan says:

    TG – thanks for posting up our Grinch Green Ventana! We hope to find it a new home soon.

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